Friday, April 18, 2014


I finished this quilt last Saturday afternoon.  I used just over 1200 yards of thread and was quilting anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a day to get it done.  I added top stitching to all the larger applique pieces and went back and added a line between which now makes the lines about 1/2" apart.  I still need to make my label but need to buy special fabric paper to run it thru my printer.  I'm sure I will find it in Paducah when I go next week. I will post my label when I have it done as I'm planning on putting the picture of the original quilt and the templates, plus my own info.  It has been a fun onto my next applique project.

Friday, April 4, 2014


I had set my first goal for April 1st to being done.  I'm close as of last night I finished the binding and put on the sleeve so I could see how it hangs.  It took me 4 weeks to do the blocks then took 3 weeks off for a trip then another 4 weeks to do the borders.  I have used all of a 1000 yard thread spool and have lots more to do.  I left something to do on each block, (like top stitching on top of the birds) but have completely finished the borders.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I am happy. I have finished the next two blocks.

First my bride...

She is a little bit pale in her face but she seems to be happy...

and the pigeon with the grapes
This was a nice block to make. It was fun to stitch the single grapes and I like the colours especially the purple very much.

Have a nice day!

Monday, February 17, 2014

It has been a long time since I posted my first block. But today I can show you the second one an the third one is already on the way!!!!!
Best wishes! Manuela

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My kind of appliqué.

I had only two blocks left so I finally picked up my quilt last week and finished them.  I thought you might like to see how they turned out.  Those of you that hand turn your appliqué are amazing and the amount of time and talent you put into your quilts is incredible.  Unfortunately I don't have the fortitude to do such lovely work!

I have learned the art of machine appliqué instead.  A while back, I purchased a new Husqvarna Platinum machine that makes such a beautiful stitch, I thought I'd attempt this new method (to me) and now I am hooked.
These are just a few of the squares and a close up of some of my stitching.

I plan to make it into a wall hanging so it won't be put in the wash.  I used a shadow box and a sharp pencil for tracing, "Lite Steam-a-Seam" 2 to fuse and that nifty bias strip maker for various stems.

Since I am from North Dakota I embellished the bride's block with prairie roses and corn and a Scandinavian girl who loves to bake.  I will post more blocks later, in the meantime I hope you enjoy this simpler method of appliqué...

Monday, February 3, 2014

So big …not so easy to have a photo of the whole quilt

2 block are different from the original one.
I replaced the two blocks with series of animals .. 
by :
- the husband .. I share with Gaelle, my partner on this project,  this block,
- a block with cherries branch, because there is  a big cherry tree ,( that I am afraid is on its way to the end ..)

I am proud of reaching this first step of this project …finishing the top 
 the second step is for me much more difficult : quilting !

Claire (from Paris, France) 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More pictures

I could only post 3 pictures on the other posting.....close up of my products I use.  Yes, there is a bent needle in the package as this is where I put them (upside down) when they are damaged.  I have tried other brands but I bend them too easy.  This brand is easy to thread the eye of needle.   I also pull my quilt fairly tight in the hoop, smoothing back side and  top, if its too tight just push my hand in middle to loosen. 

Quilting Progress

I have done lots of hand quilting since January 2nd.  I have all 20 blocks outlined and working on the third block for diagonal stitching. 

The top photo is how I'm doing my method of marking.  I usually make my quilts for competition and one thing that keeps you from winning is pencil marks showing.  I use the ruler to line up my 3/4" masking tape and just eye the distance between each piece of tape and then quilt between the tapes.  I reuse the tapes 2 or 3 times and then get new pieces, and as I pull off each tape I stick them to the table next to me.  I fianally decided how to quilt it and it will be done this way: one block lines going bottom right to top left and the next block bottom left to top right.  Planning on going back and adding another quilted line in between each line after I get all the blocks done and will do straight lines out to edge on borders. I think this will give it more of an antique look as many were heavly quilted.   I also use the big 23" hoop so I can get the whole block in the frame and it helps keep the blocks straight and will change to the 18" or oval hoop when I do the borders.     Products I'm using, YLI quilting thread, natural, Colonial size 10 quilting needles and silver thimble by Thimbles by TJ.  I had the good forunte of having her move only 1/2 hour away from me, so of course I have several of her thimbles that are made just for me.  If you can treat yourself to one of her thimbles that are fitted just for you, it's worth every penny.