Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Civil War Bride Quilt # 1/20

One of my purchases from the Quilt and Craft Fair in July was the Civil War Bride Quilt pattern. I did not intend to start for a long time, but since then I discovered that Lizzie has started a blog dedicated to the Civil War Bride quilt. I have been checking the progress of everyone and would very much like to join in. Here is my block 1/20 in progress. I intend to use only fabric from my stash. I think I might have enough background fabric, but if not I will use different fabric for that. I don't think they were too fussy about what fabric they used during the Civil War in 1860.
To motivate myself and to get started with this quilt, I have got a book out from the library on Women and Civil War by Louise Chipley Slavicek 2009. It was fascinating to read that Mary Edwards Walker was the first woman to wear trousers during the Civil War in 1860. I hope that somewhere in this book there will be something about quilts. I will keep you posted if I come across it.
I just want to show you this beautiful old tin I am using to keep all the applique pieces together. It is in keeping with the period. I hope you enjoy this post with a bit of history. I hope to learn more about the Civil War by the time I finish this quilt.

Block 5 Finished!

This is actually just my second block to be finished - great fun! Now to choose what I'll do next! Lots of girls have indicated they are very interested in this quilt, so let's hope they do join in! I have used a plain, good quality quilters muslin for my background - not out of necessity, but because it was in my stash and I was so keen to get started. I mention this again because some girls will find the initial outlay for pattern and background fabric a bit prohibiting - the pattern is excellent value and one doesn't necessarily have to use repros to achieve a vintage look if that is what you would like.
Happy sewing - hugs - Lurline♥

Starting with block 20...

Here are my fabrics for my first block - block 20.
I just love birds in quilts, so I started a bird block with few colour choices. I know I will enjoy selecting colours later on, but I was just ITCHING to get started!! On their own the stems look like they are a creature from a Tim Burton film. LOL!!
I bought the whole bolt of fabric for my background - it's a lighter colour than that shown in the pattern. I think I will change the borders a bit. I like the horses in the original quilt. I can't wait to post again with more progress.
It's great looking at everyone's progress. Thank you to all blog members.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leaves and more leaves for block 2..............

.........33 of them I think, it seemed like a lot more while I was stitching! Anyway, that's block 2 out of the way. The colour looks a bit washed out and cold in the picture but I can't get outside the rain is bucketing down, so had to use the flash indoors, never the best. I do like the way the light flowers lift up all the tones of green.
So as a light relief from green leaves I've decided to do this block next, look not a leaf in sight.

I think that's how I'll probably go, leafy then not leafy, until I run out of 'not leafy' then I'll just have to bite the bullet and get on with it, lol. I'm looking forward to doing some reds in this block and I'm thinking of adding some embroidery from now on too, I have to give it some thought!!

Just before I finish, welcome to some new friends this week.

Janet, Deb, Jeanette, and Esther, and still to come Lorraine. Blogs of all those that have them are on the right sidebar so that we can all keep up with what other things are happening in our lives, besides the all consuming CWBQ of course!

Be back later in the week, keep stitching..........

Friday, August 28, 2009

Selecting the all important background fabric

Hello everyone, I am excited to be a part of this blog. When this pattern arrived in the post, I rushed out and bought two suitable backgrounds straight away (totally over ruling my existing ‘stash buster first’ policy)…Now that I’m at home in my studio, I’m having second thoughts about the background fabric. It looks a bit dull and flat, so I can’t start until this issue is sorted. The background is so important that I can’t move forward until I am happy. I’m thinking of maybe using the back of the fabric which is a nice dull tea dyed look. I really don’t know what way I will go with this quilt. I do have an instinctive feeling for red and making it different in this way…however print are so charming….dilemma!!! There are some great examples here….so I will make a decision (or maybe just flip a coin) and get into it. Til next time.... Esther

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi all Well I have joined you all in hopefully stitching the whole quilt, now I love needle turn applique and promise to make a start tonight so I can show you something. Thank you for letting me join and I will look forward to seeing all these beautiful quilts come together. We have been having really hot days here in Brisbane and it has slowed me down starting this quilt, but today I have decided even so it is suppose to be winter..... the aircon is running. cheers Christine

Kaffe civil war

Ok asked for it!!! (I'm loving your block 5 by the way!). Here's my first block. Of course I had to do it in Kaffe fabrics!! And I had to use Kaffe's shot cotton in thunder for the background. Could be a bit weird. Probably will be too bright. But hey! I've got enough needleturn applique on the go at the moment so I have decided to do this quilt using raw edge applique. I'm fusing the fabric onto the blocks first, then will sew the blocks together to make the quilt top. Once I have the 3 layers pinned together (quilt top, wadding and quilt back), I will then machine applique using a darning foot around each shape to attach them, this will also become the quilting. Never done it before so if anyone has any tips feel free to pass them on. I'm loving seeing these blocks come together, who is posting theirs next? xo

I've Jumped to Block 5!

Why? Well, I am not sure how many blocks I will do and also not sure about how they will be laid out! I do know I am just loving what I am doing - oh, maybe I have said that before! The more I scrounge through my repro stash, the more colourful, bright small pieces, I find - almost feels like I am making a Baltimore! I intend for it to be a colourful quilt. The red apples fabric is an oldie from a Civil War collection - now how bright can you get? The purple buds are fussy cut from a beautiful piece of ombre fabric using the deeper part and the mauveish flowers are just such a pretty colour. The plinth thingy down the bottom, I actually sewed that across on the machine. I hope to get more preparation done today to finish this block off soon! Where to then? - I don't know! I would love to see more WIP - we need it to keep this blog interesting, so please, Girls! Lizzie has put so much work into this and we are so grateful, let's make it work! Even to see fabric choices would be just lovely! Happy day - hugs - Lurline♥

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress report................

Just a post to keep everyone on their toes and to welcome some new ladies to the CWBQ blog. Ann from 'Anns Quilting Journey' has joined us this week. There is another little story to Ann joining the blog. You know I live in rural Victoria (Australia), well Ann lives about an hour and a half from me and yesterday we met up at 'Threadbear' in Castlemaine, Ann bought the pattern and some fabric for the applique and I added to my stash of greens. Then we went off ~ with her lovely daughter Hannah ~ and had a coffee and got to know one another. Just another little coincidence ~ my husband and hers work in the same place and more than likely know one another???? It was lovely to meet you Ann.
Also joining us this week is Christine (a friend of Lurlines) from 'Once upon a Quilt', Christine will be posting later today she says, looking forward to that.
There are a couple more ladies from the U.S. that are still organising fabric, patterns etc, so hopefully it won't be too long before we hear from them too.
Ok, so this is block 2. I haven't got too far on it, but I did want to ask ~ does anyone else use wash away pen? I wasn't happy with the pencil marks on the background of block 1 so this time I thought I would try the blue wash away.
It seems to have worked for me, I'm finding it easier to stitch following the blue lines. Actually, I'm quite pleased with these, my stitching is sooooo much better. So much so that I'm happy to show close ups, lol. And these are the little rolls of greens that I picked up yesterday, well, one isn't that green is it? But I liked it anyway. I want to have lots of different greens, there are so many leaves and stems on this quilt, I don't want them all to have the same tones.
That's it for me today, don't forget to post about your progress, fabric choices, hints, tips and just to say that you're still stitching.....................

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tah Dah! First Block Finished!

And I just loved appliqueing it! I am not sure where I am going from here, but it won't be Block 2 as I am undecided about the number of blocks and the layout I will do!
All exciting - I will have to make some stems using my Hera Marker this afternoon!
Does anyone else have 'work in progress' to show - or background or applique fabrics?
Hugs - Lurline

A different block..................

This block is by a lady called Denise from Canada (no blog). Denise emailed me the other day to say that she was drafting her own blocks from a picture of the original quilt. We have had a couple of conversations via email over the last few days and this morning she sent me photographs of her completed blocks so far. She gave me permission to show them on here but wanted me to post the same block that I was up to. Isn't it lovely? I think I've said before that I love to see how other people put their own interpretation on each block. So, I had better get on with block two so that I can show you Denise's too. I have started it, but not much progress to post about. I'm waiting to hear from some bloggers from other shores that should have their patterns very soon, as soon as they email me I can put them on the list and we can hear from others ~ how exciting!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First block finished..................

I'm really pleased with myself this afternoon, I sat and stitched the last two leaves on after lunch. Just couldn't wait to do it tonight.
I'm hoping that my applique stitch improves with practice, don't look to closely at the stitches, they are OK, but could be a little smaller.
So 1 down, 19 to go!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little More News!

I have just posted a lengthy, newsy Post on my blog, Lurline's Place! We had a lovely Girlfriends! day at my place yesterday and Kris brought along her first block in progress. She picked up the pattern in Melbourne when we went to the quilt show - a lovely Lecien background fabric from GJ's Discount from Melbourne, too. Kris is a happy girl and looking very happy about this!
A little more progress on mine and still quite a bit to do - they are busy, busy blocks! There is so much scope for self-expression and we can look forward to lots of interesting applique.
So far, I have appliqued using the freezer paper method, pressing towards the shinyside up. I must read up on Jo Morton's 'backbasting method' and will pass on the info.
Happy Day!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Block one on the way...............

How exciting, a new blog and lots of friends to share it with. I'm hoping that we shall all have lots of new friends joining in our journey making this lovely quilt.
I started block one last week and this is where it's at. As you can see I bought the background fabric the same as the original in the pattern. It's a lovely light gold tone-on-tone. How different does it look from Lurline's.

These are some of the applique fabrics that I will be using .

I can't wait to see fabric choices from others doing the quilt, how do you think it would be in more modern fabrics?

I'm doing the applique in needleturn, is anybody going to do it differently?

Looking forward to hearing some opinions/comments and we are really looking forward to others joining us.

If you have bought the pattern, started or thinking of starting, let us know. Send us an email, leave a comment, send some smoke signals, whatever you want to do but do come join us. You know what they say 'the more the merrier'.

For me this will be an amazing journey into the world of applique, I have always wanted to make a 'Bridal/Baltimore' style quilt but never had the courage to delve that far in. I love applique and have done hand stitching for years but never this much on one quilt. I want this to be the quilt that my kids argue about when I'm gone, lol........ Or maybe I'll just take it with me ;0)

Having Fun with Block One!

Oh, this is all very new and different - thank you Lizzie for the beautiful presentation of this special blog and the work you have put into it! I know of several girls who are going to participate in making this beautiful quilt and can't wait to hear from them. It is wonderful to have Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts join us - Kathie has so much to contribute and I'll let her tell you all about it - she is anxiously awaiting her pattern! I don't intend being too much of a purist and I guess whatever way one chooses to go that is fine as I am sure we'll only ever do one of these and being comfortable and enjoying is the most important thing! Block One is well underway and I have chosen a lovely quality, plain muslin for the background. My applique fabrics will be quite bright and in most cases genuine reproductions. Corliss recommends adding one's own personal touch, so I will certainly be using artistic licence. I am so enjoying appliqueing again - quite slow, but creative and rewarding - it will be a long-term project for me! Please contact Lizzie if you are interested, I will be more than happy for anyone to contact me, and I hope we have lot of girls join us - I'm looking forward to good times ahead! Happy Stitching - Hugs Lurline♥

Friday, August 7, 2009

What it is.............

The Civil War Bride Quilt is an interpretation of a piece in the American Folk Art Museum in New York City, c.1858~1863.
Quote taken from the American Folk Art Museum website ~
Artist unidentifiedVicinity of Albany, New York1858 - 1863
Cotton, wool, silk, and ink with silk embroidery 84 1/2 x 69 5/8 in.
American Folk Art Museum, gift of the trustees, 1979.7
The Bird of Paradise Quilt Top, made during the Civil War period, is thought to be an unfinished marriage or wedding quilt. This idea is supported by the vertical rows of appliqued blocks that feature pairs of birds and other animals. In addition to these animal pairs, other symbols of union and fertility can be found on the bedcover; they include birds tending nests of eggs, flowers, and fruits. The only aberration appears in the two top blocks of the quilt top. A single female figure is appliqued onto one block, but the square next to her is nearly empty, save for the decorative leaves and flowers. Newspaper templates, including a template of a male figure, were found with this quilt top, suggesting that perhaps the quilt was never finished, and the marriage it was intended to celebrate never took place.The quilt top also features depictions of famous nineteenth-century racehorses and of an elephant named Hanible, who had traveled throughout New York State during this period with his trainer."
This week, both Lurline and myself have started block 1, we decided to create a new blog dedicated to making this beautiful quilt. So if you are stitching this quilt, thinking of starting the quilt or even just want to follow along, please join us.