Sunday, August 9, 2009

Block one on the way...............

How exciting, a new blog and lots of friends to share it with. I'm hoping that we shall all have lots of new friends joining in our journey making this lovely quilt.
I started block one last week and this is where it's at. As you can see I bought the background fabric the same as the original in the pattern. It's a lovely light gold tone-on-tone. How different does it look from Lurline's.

These are some of the applique fabrics that I will be using .

I can't wait to see fabric choices from others doing the quilt, how do you think it would be in more modern fabrics?

I'm doing the applique in needleturn, is anybody going to do it differently?

Looking forward to hearing some opinions/comments and we are really looking forward to others joining us.

If you have bought the pattern, started or thinking of starting, let us know. Send us an email, leave a comment, send some smoke signals, whatever you want to do but do come join us. You know what they say 'the more the merrier'.

For me this will be an amazing journey into the world of applique, I have always wanted to make a 'Bridal/Baltimore' style quilt but never had the courage to delve that far in. I love applique and have done hand stitching for years but never this much on one quilt. I want this to be the quilt that my kids argue about when I'm gone, lol........ Or maybe I'll just take it with me ;0)


  1. It's looking wonderful, Lizzie, and all your other pretty fabrics, too! Your background is lovely - I guess all the quilts will have their own 'personality'!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. the block looks great and yes I will be doing needleturn too!
    my favorite way to applique !
    would it be possible to load the pictures so we can click on them and see them up close and personal!
    Of course we are just looking at the fabrics!!!!! I need to get ideas :)
    I am thinking of doing it just like the original and haven't decided on a background yet although the one you chose looks wonderful and aged already!
    we, ok I , want to see your fabric choices for the block as well as your fabrics chosen for the quilt so far!!!!

  3. hello,i am a quilter from germany,and i would love to make this quilt,but how can i get this wonderful blocks? please tell me,thanks,susi

  4. I was just informed about your blog of this absolutely gorgeous quilt!! I am not making it (yet-but seriously thinking of it) your fabrics are so gorgeous and your 1st block is exceptional

  5. Lurline sent me. I'm going to sit back and enjoy following the progress of this gorgeous quilt project.

  6. Hi Lizzie, I have got the pattern from the show too, but I haven't selected the fabric for it yet. Seeing you started the blog for it makes me want to start too! It's a lovely blog, thank you - Hugs Natima

  7. hello lizzie,i got the pattern,thanks so much,from germany,susi

  8. Hi Lizzie! I learned of your blog from Lurline and am so glad! I love that quilt and am studying the civil war now, and joining my quilt store's civil war club, to hand make a quilt using applique too! I start the end of Sept. I think it is, and can not wait! I am reading the book they use, and loving the stories of those times!!! Those fabrics you show above are beautiful!!! Enjoy and come visit me at and become a follower as I have you!!!

  9. It's coming along nicely Lizzie...
    Love all your fabics..
    Julia ♥

  10. This is such a beautiful quilt and I'm thinking I may just have to do it too. This is a lovely blog Lizzie and I shall enjoy following your progress.

  11. I will have to get the book and follow along with you. This blog is a lovely idea!

  12. What a wonderful quilt I discover today with this blog ... reall exciting ! But how can we find the pattern and perhaps join your group.


Thanks to everyone that is following our journey with the Civil War Bride Quilt. We love to read your comments and appreciate your encouragement...............