Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've Jumped to Block 5!

Why? Well, I am not sure how many blocks I will do and also not sure about how they will be laid out! I do know I am just loving what I am doing - oh, maybe I have said that before! The more I scrounge through my repro stash, the more colourful, bright small pieces, I find - almost feels like I am making a Baltimore! I intend for it to be a colourful quilt. The red apples fabric is an oldie from a Civil War collection - now how bright can you get? The purple buds are fussy cut from a beautiful piece of ombre fabric using the deeper part and the mauveish flowers are just such a pretty colour. The plinth thingy down the bottom, I actually sewed that across on the machine. I hope to get more preparation done today to finish this block off soon! Where to then? - I don't know! I would love to see more WIP - we need it to keep this blog interesting, so please, Girls! Lizzie has put so much work into this and we are so grateful, let's make it work! Even to see fabric choices would be just lovely! Happy day - hugs - Lurline♥


  1. Beautiful Lurline, I love your butterfly and your apples. The little vase fabric is gorgeous. xo

  2. It is beautiful Lurline. You motivate me, but I am scare to start. Just keep looking at all yours for now. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Natima

  3. looking great, I think I will make the blocks that appeal to me at that time.
    I do not plan on going in order of the quilt.
    hope to start my block today !

  4. Thanks for the nice words Lurline. Look what happens when you have a day away from the computer. I love this block and your colours are fabulous.


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