Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress report................

Just a post to keep everyone on their toes and to welcome some new ladies to the CWBQ blog. Ann from 'Anns Quilting Journey' has joined us this week. There is another little story to Ann joining the blog. You know I live in rural Victoria (Australia), well Ann lives about an hour and a half from me and yesterday we met up at 'Threadbear' in Castlemaine, Ann bought the pattern and some fabric for the applique and I added to my stash of greens. Then we went off ~ with her lovely daughter Hannah ~ and had a coffee and got to know one another. Just another little coincidence ~ my husband and hers work in the same place and more than likely know one another???? It was lovely to meet you Ann.
Also joining us this week is Christine (a friend of Lurlines) from 'Once upon a Quilt', Christine will be posting later today she says, looking forward to that.
There are a couple more ladies from the U.S. that are still organising fabric, patterns etc, so hopefully it won't be too long before we hear from them too.
Ok, so this is block 2. I haven't got too far on it, but I did want to ask ~ does anyone else use wash away pen? I wasn't happy with the pencil marks on the background of block 1 so this time I thought I would try the blue wash away.
It seems to have worked for me, I'm finding it easier to stitch following the blue lines. Actually, I'm quite pleased with these, my stitching is sooooo much better. So much so that I'm happy to show close ups, lol. And these are the little rolls of greens that I picked up yesterday, well, one isn't that green is it? But I liked it anyway. I want to have lots of different greens, there are so many leaves and stems on this quilt, I don't want them all to have the same tones.
That's it for me today, don't forget to post about your progress, fabric choices, hints, tips and just to say that you're still stitching.....................


  1. Looking good, Lizzie! We will need lots of greens - I'll pop out to the shed later to scroundge through a box of repro scraps!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. No I don't use the washout pens anymore, have had problems in the past, I use a pencil to draw the design and only draw the bare minimum, i.e. for a leave a straight line through the centre, circle I draw just a small cross and so on.


  3. Those closeups are lovely! Very beautiful work! I like using that blue wash away pen too! Keep posting pics!

  4. I use the Matilda's Own blue wash-away. They also have an empty pen that you fill with water and apply it just to the areas where you want to wash away the excess, so that it doesn't stay in the fabric for too long.

  5. Hi Lizzie - this looks great. I hope to be joining you soon. Can you believe I have the applique fabric but not the backing or the pattern? I don't mark my fabric at all. I photocopy the pattern onto plastic - lay that on the fabric and then slip the pieces underneath. Cheers, Deb

  6. Okay, I kinda stumbled in here.... you know? click here, click there - oh wait, let's click on this one. LOL

    Anyhow, this quilt is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! Where do you get the pattern to make a block???


    New Brunswick,

  7. Found you through Lurline through Elaine through Quilting in the Flatlands. Beautiful quilt. I am doing 2 CW BOMs (usually we do multiples of 3) on under Handpiecing, the Southern Gentleman applique from Fatcat patterns..I don't know if I could manage another applique. I would like to try. I think I would have to draw up my own pattern and use what is in the stash. See what I can manage. Thanks for sharing and great site.


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