Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Four Corners Done!

Isn't there lots of applique here? My mock-up block, top right seemed to look a bit empty and too tidy, so what to do - fill it up with leaves as we have all found out - and pears! I feel it has worked and somehow looks like it belongs! Maybe I will have to do more than 9 blocks, there is so many more I want to do - perhaps 16 and quilt-as-you-go. I have loved doing every stitch so far and have just posted on Lurline's Place, my method of making nice, fine stems - it is a long, long time since I have used bias bars or a bias maker! We all have our favourite techniques, so to each his own, it is all about whatever suits you best! So onto the next block - the grapes and bird! This is how I do my circles, and the fabric is Kaffe's shot cotton - I thought it may fray like crazy, but it is really beautiful to work with. There is a great array of colours in this range and I think I will add a few more to my stash - just 20cm pieces will be fine!
It is a shame we can't get all our repros in lovely fine weaves like the batiks and Kaffe's, so nice to use for applique - never mind, there's a lot of beautiful prints to go into our piecing, I guess!
Happy stitching, Girls - hugs - Lurline♥

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This was an easy one

This block has hardly any leaves, and the birds are mostly in big pieces.
I am going to embroider the fruit stems, bird feet, head feathers and beaks. This means, that for now, this block is done!
I have traced off block 2 and applied the stems. There really is a lot of applique on this block. No wonder the girls doing these blocks in order wondered what they had got themselves into!!
I am aiming to make one block a week, but I will not just be working on this quilts. I must be prepared for interruptions!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

close up

dear bizarre quilter,here is the close up of my stitchery,have a nice day ,susi

A Completed Block

At last the ostrich block is complete. I had fun doing it even though it seemed to take an age.
I have started the lone peacock block. oodles of leaves. I think this quilter put leaves in all the empty spaces.
I'm thinking I might concentrate on the bird blocks. The flower and vase blocks don't seem to be calling to me at all at the moment. Maybe this will end up being my bird quilt. Time will tell.
Everyone is stitching such lovely blocks. You are all inspirational. Thanks for letting me play at your house.
Happy stitching to all.

I'm ready to join the block party!!

Yeah...my first block!!  I still have a few leaves to stitch down, but I was so close to being done that I just had to snap a picture and join the party!

I ended up choosing a Maywood "shadowplay" as my background.  I thought it looked aged, but it made me have to rethink my block fabric choices.  Originally, I thought I would lean toward a disciplined, sedate, repro look, but now I'm finding that brighter and deeper colors are going to be best with this background.  The Sassafras leaves in the top corners are borderline too close to the background (not enough contrast), but I was looking to de-emphasize them, so I guess it worked.

I was the one who was contemplating making the blocks slightly larger.  Once I started laying out my turned-under pieces, I decided to stick with the program and make the blocks 11 x 14 inches.  If later, busier blocks make me feel claustrophobic, I'll leave out a leaf or something.   :o)

I have picked out fabrics (and ironed on freezer paper!) for blocks 2 and 3.  Now I need a little time to play!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)

Friday, September 25, 2009

block 7

my computer didn`twant tosend the picture of block 7 together with the other picture,i don`t know why,hope it works now,susi

block 6 and 7

i made some progress too,block 6 and 7 are finished and i am stitching on block 8,i am not so sure about stitching block 9,but thats well the paradise bird,so it is a must,happy stitching to all of you,susi

Progress Report!

My fourth urn block - a mock-up, so I hope it works! I'm off to prepare some leaves and maybe a couple of pears - the other blocks are so busy that with the additions I hope it all just ties in! Where to from here? I really don't know - I will have to have a little study and think - as you know I had sort-of decided on 9 blocks only and now I'm thinking maybe I will need more. I am just loving the applique - the quilting at the the end is what is bothering me. I love to hand-quilt but boy, there's so many other things I want to do than sit around on my bot! I am just loving the inspiration and information that is coming from this blog - oh, I keep saying that don't I! And a big surprise - one of our LQS's Calico and Ivy are going to start classes on the CWBQ. Now this is a lovely, lovely quilt shop, very modern with all the latest fabrics plus lots of Libertys, lots of lovely woolies and yarns - so it just shows how the popularity of this quilt is spreading. I find it quite amazing how many of our 'modern' quilters are swinging back to historical and traditional - and not that it ever phased out completely - applique is back! Happy weekend - hugs - Lurline♥

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hortense beck

dear friends,i found something interesting about our quilt in the web, a woman named hortense beck made a reproduktion of this quilt too,you can see a detail of it here What's New - Quilts Made By BAS Members . (you must scroll down a little bit) she did many reproduktionsof quilts,what an amazing woman she must be! have a nice day ,susi

Leaf or Bird

The question of the floating shape was resolved by DH who took one look and pronounced it a sassafras leaf. He further researched on google to find that it symbolises choice. Root Beer is made from sassafras and it is the food of white tailed deer. Great to have someone who grew up in a similar part of the world. It looks like the quilter used the leaf to fill in blank spaces rather than leave unworked areas. Happy stitching to all Terry

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Question before I take the plunge...

Hi friends,

I have a good background picked, butcher paper templates cut out, some fabrics pulled, and now I have a question before I dig in and do my first block...

...did anyone consider making the blocks slightly larger??  I'm trying to decide if I want to make the blocks a little less crowded by making them 12 x 15 rather than 11 x 14.  I'm contemplating teasing them apart just a tiny bit.  Does anyone think that will ruin the look?

I would love input on this...all the posted blocks have been so beautiful and inspiring!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another one bites the dust................

.........well, so to speak anyway.
Alright, I've been watching too much late night TV I think ;0), but you know what I mean? Another block finished, I've been a bit lazy with this one, it's been sat around since Friday with only the leaf/bird in the top left corner to stitch. I think I just got too excited about my groom....sigh!
He's coming along too but I didn't take any photo's of him, he's still naked!! We don't need to see that yet.
After saying that I wasn't very keen on this block, what is it - 7? Now that I've finished it, well apart from feet and head feathers which I'm going to embroider, I quite like it. Especially when you look at it with the other blocks............
.............even though they're not in order, you can see how they start to fit together can't you?
As soon as the groom is looking decent in his clothes, I will take some photo's, I might get some more done on him tonight while I watch the Rafters (for those non Aussies, it's a local TV show).
I think we have to welcome a couple of new members this week, honestly, we're becoming so popular, I'm losing track. LOL! Also, because I send out the author invites as soon as someone asks to join (except Karen, I forgot about her, but I have been forgiven for that lapse in memory). There is often a gap before they write their first post and I forget who's new and who's not. So welcome to everyone who has joined us recently.
Along those same lines, we've had a few comments from ladies who would like to join us and some wanting to know how to buy the pattern. In the normal run of comments, I only answer if they are directed to me and/or ask a specific question, are about joining the blog, purchasing the pattern etc. Just today we have had comments from two ladies, one from Karen Kimmel and from Claire that I can't answer. Ladies I can only reply if you're not set for 'no-reply' on blogger!!
I have an email address up in the 'About this Blog' blurb in the top right hand side, please feel free to send an email straight there if you have a question. If you send it from your own email account then I can reply to you direct.
To answer your questions - you can buy the pattern only through here.... www.threadbear.com.au ....and yes if you buy the pattern and are making the quilt from the Threadbear pattern, you are most welcome to join our blog/group, please do. It's a wonderful group to belong to! I think we all echo that sentiment, we have all become good friends, we all give one another encouragement, praise, confidence and friendship.
We are truly, international friends in quilting.

Monday, September 21, 2009

block 5

dear friends, i have finished block 5 today,the first row is complete now,and i am looking forward to the next row,maybe i can start it tomorrow,best wishes to you all ,susi

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love your work...

I am really getting a kick out of seeing everybody's blocks. This is block 8. I wanted to show you a close-up of the fabric I used.
I especially love the colour of the cherries. They remind me of the cherries grown at the Cherry Farm here - they are red and yellow.
Here are the four blocks I have appliqued so far (I won't say "finished" - they need embroidery).
I love seeing them together - it gives me a good idea of how the colours are balanced so far.
This is a peacock from block 7. I have chosen different fabrics for the other peacock.
I am glad there are no more strawberry tops. The points were driving me crazy!!

First block prepared

Well done to all of those girls who have been posting. What an amazing variety of blocks you are making. I don't think I'm ever going to catch up - but I'm sure there will be others who will join later (fingers crossed). I hate finishing last! I have managed to pin up one block. The placement is a little bit out but you get the idea. I'll try and get another block pinned up this week. I'm just moving across the top row - next one has many many leaves. So much fun. I hope you're having fun too! Cheers Deb

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bird Backyard # 4/20

Finally I have something to show for after two weeks of hand appliqué. I did get sidetracked just a little in those two weeks. Apart from quilting, I make handmade books and journals (see my papers blog here), so it is only natural that I make a journal for CWBQ. I am hoping that keeping the journal will keep me interested long enough until I complete it. I do hope that this quilt will be an heirloom one day...! Completed block # 4/20. I really enjoyed working on this block. The block represents the ornamental vines we have in our backyard. The new shoots are budding right at this moment. I managed to take this picture hanging the block from the vine itself. I don't own many mauve fabrics so I just used one fabric and turned some in reverse for the grapes. I am happy with how they look. What I might do later is to add some embroidery on the leaves.
Here is the journal I made. I used some of the motifs from the pattern for the cover of the journal. I have used all these fabrics for the blocks and I really like them, specially the red for the cherries. I will definitely use it again for cherries on other blocks.
The actual journal was spiral bound together with blank pages. I used the image from our CWBQ blog for the title page. There is my name, date and place started.
I have printed out the templates for each block with pictures and spaces for me to fill in the date started, finished, and block number and method used. I also keep samples of fabrics used in each block. There is plastic sleeve in front of the fabric samples to store the freezer paper templates.
Instead of writing everything all over again, I printed the posts from the blog and pasted them for each block I finished. I hope I have given you some thoughts about keeping a journal for your quilts, or at least keeping everything together to help the future generation of quilt historians!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

good morning ladies,since yesterday evening block four is finished,its so much fun to applique this quilt!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The First Birds

The ostriches are finally done. I didn't like the bird feet on the original or this pattern so changed them. Mine are a version of bird feet from William Morris tapestries. I saw a book of quilts based on his work and eurika that was the answer.
No flowers on the block for now I can't seem to decide on a color.
I am enjoying seeing everyone's work and color choices. Like having a class everyday instead of once a month.
Happy Stitching to all and to all a good Night

Working in the garden

This has been my work in the garden of late - it is now early Spring here, and I am enjoying making these garden-inspired blocks. I just finished block 2. I made my flowers mauve. White flowers would make a poor contrast against my light background. I imitated the crisp feel by adding the flower centres in a white shirting fabric. This is block 8 on the way. Actually, I have progressed beyond this already, but you haven't seen me start it yet! I will probably finish block 8 tonight.
I can't believe how exciting this blog is. I am feeling sooo inspired! Really and truly, I feel so thrilled to be sharing the making of this quilt with fellow quilters worldwide.
I feel certain the original maker would never have thought her designs would become so famous. I am so glad to see everyone making their own little adaptations.... especially in regards to the groom. My husband belongs in my garden. I wonder which block I could squeeze him into!

Here's my Groom...........

This is the block I'm going to use for my groom. I drew him him up from photographs from Margaret, although I just noticed that I might need something in his other hand.

What I'm going to do is pick out my least favourite block and leave it out, I'll have to do a little re-arranging of blocks and rows! I thought that I would put the Bride on the first row and make her block 2. Then the table and flowers block in the middle (block 3), then the Groom as block 4. I'm just one of these people that has to have symmetry so I had to work out how to balance the bride and groom blocks.

If any one wants a copy of the groom, let me know and I'll email it as a PDF. I still haven't been able to find any reference (except for the newspaper templates) of where Margaret's groom came from.

I'm off to cut out the pattern pieces for him, hope to have him done for the weekend. I think the peacock block might be the one I drop out of the quilt, I'm really not enjoying stitching it!!

The Groom

I found this in a book where they had an article on the Civil War Bride quilt. In the book they called it the "Bird of Paradise" quilt. Apparently these newspaper templates were handed down with the quilt - and there is the groom! For some reason I could not get this image to rotate - either on the screen or on my machine so you'll have to look sideways! Cheers Deb

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Blocks Finished!

Firstly, Girls - what a great blog we have here! Every time I check there seems to be a new contribution and what a creative lot we have - very exciting! This is my latest finish - a few additions and a few omissions - lots of fun!
I am thinking I will do nine blocks only, so would like the four corner blocks to consists of urns and flowers. So I have drawn up a fourth block as we had only three in the pattern - hope it turns out as nicely as the other blocks!
Wow - am I impressed with those 'Husbands'! I would be so happy if anyone is interested in sharing - oh, that sounds kind of naughty doesn't it, LOL! I could go back and delete that, but I don't think it is too naughty. No, they really look good and it has never sat well with me that poor girl on her own!
Thanks to you all for making this such a great blog!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Our Bride and perhaps her groom.............

This morning (Melbourne time) I had a little email chat with Margaret Chess. Margaret left a comment on Terry's post of 'Husband for the Bride' about her Baltimore she made years ago. She thought her bride might be related to our bride..............

................have a look at that, I think they might be siblings ;o)

And have a look at her groom, isn't he handsome?? Now I think I'm going to get Margaret to send me a close up picture if she can because I reckon he's going to be my groom too!!

Thanks Margaret for allowing me to show all the 'Bride' girls your fabulous quilt and everyone go have a look at Margarets excellent samplers HERE.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

husband for the bride

hi,you all,this is my version of a husband for that lonely bride.

Husband for the Bride

A search on google images found a husband for the Bride. The caption says it's the original groom.
He looks a bit Amish but then again it's probably what all farmers wore at the time. I've seen photos of Abe Linclon in flat hats before he was presedant and wore his Stove Pipe (hat).
One ostrich is almost complete. I will post a photo tomorrow even if I'm not finished.
This is so much fun to share with everyone.
Happy stitching and to all a goodnight.

Block 7 is on the way...............

Well I'm back on track this week after a busy weekend. I started block 7 but I don't know how happy I am with the colours?

Maybe I was just dazzled by the pinks and reds in the last block I did, I've got purples, reds and blues on a green bird for the second peacock..................

......and then of course the showy head crests are embroidered on last, they will be in reds and gold I think!!

What a fabulous blog we have going ladies, so many of us now that we are having posts just about every day. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with this blog and quilt.

Oh yes, I've decided to give the bride a groom, that will be my next block. I just have to work it out and then I'll be on to it. Nothing like a good wedding I always say.

Have a good week everyone.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yes I made a start

Hi all
I finally made a start and would like to share some pictures with you, I couldn't decide on the fabrics so went out and bought some new once.
I use charcopy paper and draw the trace just the bare minimum on to my block for placement of the applique pieces. For a leave just a line down the centre, for a circle or berry just a small cross, stems again centre line down. any other pieces I trace about a 1/8th inside the lines to make sure I cover markings with the applique.
Have a great week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

civil war brides quilt

block two is ready,i think it could also be named as" the thousand leaves quilt"

At least it's a start

Hi Everyone, this is my first post and I would like to thank Lizzie for allowing me to join and for organising the blog. Your work has been looking fabulous, so much diversity. Can you imagine what these are going to look like at the end? I have been a little slow starting for various reasons. I am waiting on the background, but rather than get really behind, I thought I could at least design the blocks and start stitching when the background comes. I am pinning my pieces to felt (my design wall). Not much done, but a little. I am using a Starter Pack from Corliss which I can highly recommend. Beautiful fabrics as you would expect from Corliss. I am adding to these from my stash - which is not huge but has some lovely bits and pieces. Here it is..... I just love purple, so any excuse to use it and I'm there! I hope you are enjoying this quilt. Cheers, Deb

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling Fruity

I finished block 10 - the strawberries. I included a close-up of the fabric, you really can't appreciate it otherwise. The colours I chose for this block are so fresh - maybe it's because Spring is here!
This is block 2. I loved the way the stripes turned out in the strawberries block, so I used a different stripe fabric in the stems.
These fabrics are darker - are they more moody or sombre? Anyway, that doesn't matter. Because my background is so light I have chosen medium value purple for the flowers with white shirting centres.
I have chosen the fabrics for my next block already - block 8, - the pears (and other fruits). My fruits will be less "muddy" in colour than the purchased pattern, because I have a lighter background, my colours can look fresher.
I have decided that lots of leaves don't bother me, at least I can do them without thinking too much, it's just iron the freezer paper onto the back of whichever green fabric, then see where they end up once they are appliqued. I like that little bit of random.
I have some other projects with deadlines, so I might have to slow down on these blocks a little *sniff*. For the moment, they are still an important part of my daily relaxation routine. By the way, may I offer a little advice when you are photographing your block? Hold the camera as far away as possible, then zoom in. This will prevent the flash from washing out the colour in your fabrics.