Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another one bites the dust................

.........well, so to speak anyway.
Alright, I've been watching too much late night TV I think ;0), but you know what I mean? Another block finished, I've been a bit lazy with this one, it's been sat around since Friday with only the leaf/bird in the top left corner to stitch. I think I just got too excited about my groom....sigh!
He's coming along too but I didn't take any photo's of him, he's still naked!! We don't need to see that yet.
After saying that I wasn't very keen on this block, what is it - 7? Now that I've finished it, well apart from feet and head feathers which I'm going to embroider, I quite like it. Especially when you look at it with the other blocks............
.............even though they're not in order, you can see how they start to fit together can't you?
As soon as the groom is looking decent in his clothes, I will take some photo's, I might get some more done on him tonight while I watch the Rafters (for those non Aussies, it's a local TV show).
I think we have to welcome a couple of new members this week, honestly, we're becoming so popular, I'm losing track. LOL! Also, because I send out the author invites as soon as someone asks to join (except Karen, I forgot about her, but I have been forgiven for that lapse in memory). There is often a gap before they write their first post and I forget who's new and who's not. So welcome to everyone who has joined us recently.
Along those same lines, we've had a few comments from ladies who would like to join us and some wanting to know how to buy the pattern. In the normal run of comments, I only answer if they are directed to me and/or ask a specific question, are about joining the blog, purchasing the pattern etc. Just today we have had comments from two ladies, one from Karen Kimmel and from Claire that I can't answer. Ladies I can only reply if you're not set for 'no-reply' on blogger!!
I have an email address up in the 'About this Blog' blurb in the top right hand side, please feel free to send an email straight there if you have a question. If you send it from your own email account then I can reply to you direct.
To answer your questions - you can buy the pattern only through here.... www.threadbear.com.au ....and yes if you buy the pattern and are making the quilt from the Threadbear pattern, you are most welcome to join our blog/group, please do. It's a wonderful group to belong to! I think we all echo that sentiment, we have all become good friends, we all give one another encouragement, praise, confidence and friendship.
We are truly, international friends in quilting.


  1. dear lizzie,your blocks look very precious,and i am looking foreward to your groom,i love to be member of this blog,it is very exiting to see everyones blocks here,thanks so much to you ,susi

  2. Wow! Look at all of these together!!I love the fabric you used for the butterfly wings.

    I guess you are up to a leafy block again now! LOL!!!

  3. by the way,lizzie,there is something wrong about your e-mail adress above in the right corner,it says ".cor"in the ending,but must surely be .com,excuse please if my english is not correct,but it is so long ago,that i learned it at school,have a nice day, susi

  4. Love your latest block Lizzie. They all look fabulous. Can't wait to see your groom. Jeanette

  5. Fabulous block Lizzie. I love the colours you've used. Yes, me too, looking forward to the groom. My poor bride is still in pieces - Hugs Natima

  6. Love your block Lizzie. They all look most impressive all lined up there. I have just noticed there is a real apple theme running through these blocks too. I know I bought the pattern because I loved all the birds.

  7. Wow, you have so many done! They're all gorgeous too! I'm on the thinking about it list for joining your group. I have the pattern! And some fabrics! It's just a matter of psyching myself up -- and tearing myself away from cross stitching. :D

  8. It's looking fab - particularly love the peacock on the right - looks stunning. You sure do manage to get things going - well done!

  9. You must be so happy, Lizzie and those birds do look wonderful - hope you are giving them nice legs and feet - am sure you will! Do you know if Corliss has that lavely aqua/teal in her shop - it's a stunner - maybe I will give them a call tomorrow!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. Wow Lizzie,
    The blocks are great...your on a roll!
    Julia ♥

  11. I'm so happy you finished the block. It looks wonderful! And, how nice they are all together. I don't think I could leave a block out of the quilt, so I may have to place my groom in the border.

  12. Oh my GOODNESS but those are beautiful!! I love the birds and the horses/elephant are really spectacular. All of them are really, really very fine. Looking forward to the groom...nakey or not.

  13. Wow Lizzie! Your blocks are really coming together! Love them all! I've cut all my backgrounds and border and have started the first block; hope to post a pic soon. I just LOVE this quilt and look everyday to see what everyone is doing! What a talented group!!!!

  14. Your blocks look wonderful together. I love the elephant block with the horses - its just so different from the flowers and leaves. I can't wait to see your groom.


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