Thursday, September 3, 2009

block 10 started

This is my start to block 10 - the strawberries.
Would you believe the stem fabric is kind of a toile, with people riding horses? I would never use it as a whole piece, but it is the perfect colour for these stems and leaves.
I wanted to make a block in softer colours after making block 20 in rich red and greens.


  1. I just came by your blog for the first time. You are so brave. Your work is lovely. I love applique and am getting more inspired to start one soon. Maybe if I just think of it one block at a time

  2. Good choice for the stems, Lorraine! I can understand girls being deterred by such a big project, Stitch-n-quilt! It is just one step at a time, don't look at the whole big picture.
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Looking forward to seeing this one Lorraine. I love that strawberry fabric!

    You're right Lurline, you have to think/do one block at a time, that way you don't get overwhelmed.


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