Friday, September 25, 2009

block 7

my computer didn`twant tosend the picture of block 7 together with the other picture,i don`t know why,hope it works now,susi


  1. That's because you are stitching so fast, the computer can't keep up with you! LOL. Block 6 & 7 are lovely!

  2. Great stiching. Have you started the bird of paradise yet. I'm sure you won't let it slow you down.
    I hope your enjoying your stiching as much as I'm enjoying seeing your results.


  3. Oh yeah, I have nearly finished this block too. It was much quicker with very few leaves! I am going to do all the embroidery at the end. Can you please post a close-up picture of the peacock embroidery? I would like to see how you did yours. The instructions weren't that clear to me.

  4. Oh, don't they look so adorable! What a beautiful block!

  5. Susi, that is another beautiful block. I like how you did the tails - Hugs Natima

  6. PERFECT colors for your peacocks! (we had one when I was a girl...) Seeing them brings back fond memories of him roosting on my little sisters' swingset and doing his showy little "feather dance" for my adolescent school friends. And your head embroidery is just the right embellishment!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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