Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Completed Block

At last the ostrich block is complete. I had fun doing it even though it seemed to take an age.
I have started the lone peacock block. oodles of leaves. I think this quilter put leaves in all the empty spaces.
I'm thinking I might concentrate on the bird blocks. The flower and vase blocks don't seem to be calling to me at all at the moment. Maybe this will end up being my bird quilt. Time will tell.
Everyone is stitching such lovely blocks. You are all inspirational. Thanks for letting me play at your house.
Happy stitching to all.


  1. Hey Terry, congratulations on completed block. I know, it seems to take ages to work on one block. My poor bride block is still hanging on there. I like the soft colors on your block. I like birds too - Enjoy Natima

  2. I love those birds Terry, I might do those next? They are lovely colours, they look so calm and gently don't they?

  3. Love your ostriches Terry. Those feet look great.

  4. I love your birds too. I am really loving birds in quilts at the moment.

    Congratulations on your finish.

  5. Absolutely beautiful...don't those birds look just so graceful! Love your fabric choices as well!

  6. Wonderful Terry! I love the birds.

  7. The peacock blocks looks like it has lots of stitching to do on it! Your current finished block is a good one. I like the quilt blocks that have the animals and people on them.

  8. Those peacocks are beautiful! Your fabric choices are terrific! Love seeing these blocks!!

  9. What awesome ostriches!! I love your fabric choices...kind of makes you wonder how they ended up in the original top. Maybe the maker saw the bird for the first time and was so impressed that she included them...did they have zoos in the 1850's?? Maybe she saw them in a circus side show. Makes you wonder, huh...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  10. What an interesting thought Teresa. Now I am thinking in a different way...

  11. Your birds look great Terry. Hope you enjoy the blog.


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