Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elephants and Apples.............

I really enjoyed stitching this block and although there is a fair amount of embroidery to do on it, I'm calling it 'nearly' finished.
I have to embroider the rope, eyes and the trainers face. I'm going to embroider fancy work on his cummerbund and epaulets and I might put some embroidered tassels on the elephants coat? I thought that I would do all the embroidery on all the blocks together, just seems to be sensible to keep stitching the applique whilst the momentum/encouragement is there? So back to the order of things, block 3 is next for me. I must admit that pinks and reds are calling, this looks like another fun block to stitch. Lots of activity on the blog now, welcome to all the new stitchers that have joined us in the last week. I know that the background fabric will be in at Threadbear this month ~hopefully sooner rather than later ~ so good news for those of you that are waiting on that!! If I haven't put anyone's main blog on our blog list on the sidebar, please give me a prod and I'll do it pronto. Thanks to everyone following us and giving words of encouragement through comments. It adds to the experience, friendship and excitement that we seem to be developing through the quilt and the blog, and thanks to Lurline for the generous gift of reproduction fabric shared :0) I'm off now to stitch........................of course!!


  1. Hey Lizzie it's knockout! I just love elephants and yours is a beauty! Haven't posted here yet but my pattern arrived this week and I will start to design on the weekend even if I can't stitch. Cheers, Deb

  2. Wow Lizzie, these blocks are fabulous, great job.
    Are you doing the blocks with only the fabric pack?

  3. Hi Lizzie, the elephant block is gorgeous. You make it looks easy! I love it and thanks for letting me join in the fun. Your administration here is appreciated - Hugs Natima

  4. so very very lovely, i am astounded by your work, adore the colours

  5. the fabrics you chose are wonderful
    oh my you are really going fast on these blocks I had better start stitching faster!!!!
    LOVE seeing everyones blocks

  6. Excellent elephant block! And, block three is looking good.

    My background fabric arrived and has been washed. Also, my freezer paper templetes are all ready for block one. Tonight, I will prepare the fabric pieces.

  7. I just love your elephant, Lizzie
    Cannot wait to see the embroidered extras. You are on a roll girl. Those horses are having a wonderful chat too :-)
    I get to officially put the first stitch in tomorrow at Sit and sew :-)) Fabrics chosen and washed and outline is drawn. Stay Tune. I do not normally wash my fabrics but thought I just might for this quilt.

  8. Looks great Lizzie..
    Keep going, your on a roll!
    Julia ♥

  9. Hi Lizzie,
    I love the fabrics you chose.. right down to the man's shirt!

    I am going to do all my embroidery at the end too while on the applique roll.

    I am going to do whatever block takes my fancy next (if I don't feel like it, I won't do it).

  10. Love it Lizzie! and your next block looks just as good, those pinks are beautiful. xo

  11. Your blocks are really lovely. Can you tell me what kind of marker you are using on the background fabric to mark you placement? I don't think I have seen this method before.

  12. Isn't it exciting to see your progress! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Just love this block and can't wait to see your lovely lady!


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