Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling Fruity

I finished block 10 - the strawberries. I included a close-up of the fabric, you really can't appreciate it otherwise. The colours I chose for this block are so fresh - maybe it's because Spring is here!
This is block 2. I loved the way the stripes turned out in the strawberries block, so I used a different stripe fabric in the stems.
These fabrics are darker - are they more moody or sombre? Anyway, that doesn't matter. Because my background is so light I have chosen medium value purple for the flowers with white shirting centres.
I have chosen the fabrics for my next block already - block 8, - the pears (and other fruits). My fruits will be less "muddy" in colour than the purchased pattern, because I have a lighter background, my colours can look fresher.
I have decided that lots of leaves don't bother me, at least I can do them without thinking too much, it's just iron the freezer paper onto the back of whichever green fabric, then see where they end up once they are appliqued. I like that little bit of random.
I have some other projects with deadlines, so I might have to slow down on these blocks a little *sniff*. For the moment, they are still an important part of my daily relaxation routine. By the way, may I offer a little advice when you are photographing your block? Hold the camera as far away as possible, then zoom in. This will prevent the flash from washing out the colour in your fabrics.


  1. hi,your blocks are real beauties,i don`t know if i sew them all inorder,but i think its easier to follow a colourscheme ,if one does,have a nice day,susi

  2. Oh!.The applique is really beautifull.

  3. Nice fruity blocks so far. I like random too. I am glad to hear that you are slowing down. I have got side track for a few evenings only got back to it tonight! Enjoy whatever you are doing - hugs Natima

  4. You do such wonderful applique.

  5. I just love those strawberries, and your next block is looking great in the moody colour!!! You are so quick and inspiring xo

  6. Your strawberry block is nice and fresh looking. I just may do that block next. Excellent stem on the second block. I have that fabric.

  7. I just love your colours. The muted pinks and greens give the blocks a completely different feel. Can't wait to see more.


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