Sunday, September 20, 2009

First block prepared

Well done to all of those girls who have been posting. What an amazing variety of blocks you are making. I don't think I'm ever going to catch up - but I'm sure there will be others who will join later (fingers crossed). I hate finishing last! I have managed to pin up one block. The placement is a little bit out but you get the idea. I'll try and get another block pinned up this week. I'm just moving across the top row - next one has many many leaves. So much fun. I hope you're having fun too! Cheers Deb


  1. Lovely to hear from you, Deb - nice progress, too - your block will look wonderful! This is not a race, just everyone doing their own thing as time permits - says she who has been baby-sitting five-year old twins thanks goodness the computer is in the TV room, lol ....
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Deb, your block will look great and as Lurline said this is not a race, like someone who works full time moi! I must say having seen other finished more blocks motivated me. Preparing the next block is really fun too. Enjoy - Natima

  3. Great colours Deb and as Lurline said, no race in this one ;0). You will be pleased to note that there are ladies waiting on the pattern, background fabric etc still to join us. For me that makes it even more interesting, to have so many different stages going on at once is just fabulous.

  4. I love your fabrics. It's great to see your block laid out like that. Nobody has to "catch up". That's the beauty of having so many contributors to this blog. I look forward to sharing this quilt journey with you.

  5. Hi Deb
    Don't worry I am still appliqueng leaves on block no 1. Loving every minute of it. I am the slow and steady snail. Just think rythym and listen to a talking book. That is will get you to the last block. No race just enjoyment :-)
    Love your colours and adore that pot. I know I've said that before but it is striking!

  6. Deb, don't worry. I haven't even started yet but I now have the pattern so I need to get going!
    ~Joyce in MI

  7. That's right! It's not a race. Sit back and enjoy. I only had time last week to cut out my freezer paper templates and select fabric for my next block. If I am lucky, I will get the fabric pieces cut and start stitching this week. I love the fabric you selected. It is going to be beautiful!


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