Thursday, September 3, 2009

I just had to start my quilt when I kept seeing all the new blocks! I decided to start with block 5, why I'm not sure. I am not really a blue person so decided to add hints of blue in the blocks. I love red tulips so mine are red. I chose to make the flower a blue, I know I will have to have some blues in the quilt! here is the beginning of my first block Whenever I can I try and use the fabric to do the work for me, just look at the center of the butterfly... then look at the piece of fabric next to the bias green strips thats where it came from! As I was looking thru the strip draw for reds for the tulips I found this and thought oh that would be perfect for the butterfly! As you can see I made lots of little stems from a variety of greens I realized we will need so many of these as I chose greens for the leaves I will cut off pieces to make bias stem strips as well I hope to be stitching on this block by the end of the day. Off to cut the leaves out then baste my pieces down Kathie


  1. Lovely to see you starting Kathie, I love your background fabric too. That's a perfect fabric for a butterfly body. Great idea making up lots of bias greens, very organised! xo

  2. Well done Kathie and yes it's lovely to see you starting your blocks. Good tip about the stems, I'll have to do that. Looking forward to seeing the blues emerge, I love the fabrics and your background looks great.

  3. Wonderful, Kathie - you have probably finished by the time I write this! I love the way we all seem to be giving the quilt our own personal touches!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Your block will look great with that background. Looking forward to see more of it - Hugs Natima

  5. Such lovely fabric and what a clever way to use it, Jenny


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