Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love your work...

I am really getting a kick out of seeing everybody's blocks. This is block 8. I wanted to show you a close-up of the fabric I used.
I especially love the colour of the cherries. They remind me of the cherries grown at the Cherry Farm here - they are red and yellow.
Here are the four blocks I have appliqued so far (I won't say "finished" - they need embroidery).
I love seeing them together - it gives me a good idea of how the colours are balanced so far.
This is a peacock from block 7. I have chosen different fabrics for the other peacock.
I am glad there are no more strawberry tops. The points were driving me crazy!!


  1. what a wonderful work you did!!!!have a nice day,susi

  2. I recognise the fabric of the cherries. I have some of that too and it is a great fabric. I don't think that you have been sleeping much lately :-)
    Keep having fun

  3. So beautiful, I really like the colours. Very cheerful block. Well done - Hugs Natima

  4. They are looking fantastic,still working on my first block


  5. Really lovely. I love your pears - I have a bit of a passion for them, and it all looks great together.

  6. That is a lovely block and I love the fruit! What a wonderful job you are doing!! Such fun!

  7. Delictable fruit Yummm. I like the cherries. I know them by two names Queen Ann and Bing. I remember having bowls of them (canned) for breakfast at summer camp as a girl. Thanks for the memory. Part of what quilting is all about.

    Lunch has arrived with DH so must go.
    Happy stitching Terry


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