Tuesday, September 8, 2009

making progress

I have worked on my block and this is what I have so far. haven't decided what color I want those flowers on the top... its fun watching the block come together. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's blocks in progress and of course finished! Kathie


  1. Oh Kathie, it's wonderful!! Your background is perfect, and this block is such a pretty one. xo

  2. Kathie that is lovely. I like your background fabric. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...! Hugs Natima

  3. The reds in the flowers are just perfect and yes I love your background too, it is fun isn't it, watching all the different 'personalities' emerge in the quilts?

  4. Beautiful fun, Kathie! Love your red tulips!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. I am so glad you included a picture of your in-progress block. It makes me want to work on my blocks too. If we only saw finished blocks on this blog, we might never start another one!!


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