Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Bride and perhaps her groom.............

This morning (Melbourne time) I had a little email chat with Margaret Chess. Margaret left a comment on Terry's post of 'Husband for the Bride' about her Baltimore she made years ago. She thought her bride might be related to our bride..............

................have a look at that, I think they might be siblings ;o)

And have a look at her groom, isn't he handsome?? Now I think I'm going to get Margaret to send me a close up picture if she can because I reckon he's going to be my groom too!!

Thanks Margaret for allowing me to show all the 'Bride' girls your fabulous quilt and everyone go have a look at Margarets excellent samplers HERE.


  1. Yes Lizzie, all the extra info. makes it more interesting quilt. Thanks for sharing extra bits - hugs Natima

  2. Hi Lizzie! Glad I could be of some use. I will do my best to send you closeups of the groom. I so wish the CWBQ pattern was available back when I made the Baltimore Album. I remember seeing a picture of the original and drooling. I'm going to have to psyche myself up for all that applique!

  3. Thanks for that Lizzie. Margerets groom does look great. Wouldn't mind his pattern myself.

  4. REally love the quilt....The groom looks good...

  5. Thanks Lizzie and Margaret - you have created a stir! We all want Husbands!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Heavens they look like twins even. I think your groom will be quite dashing. I sort of like the idea that my bride will be single (but that doesn't quite make sense does it?)

  7. Margaret
    Great groom. I approve of his wardrobe. Breches rifle belt and an axe. Well of course a reference to the "father of the country" George Washington. "I can not tell a lie I chopped down the cherry tree." It was a popular coloring in image when I was in Infants school to celebrate GW's B'Day.

    He does look like he belongs to the Bride.

    Great Quilt. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Stitching

  8. Wow, beautiful quilt Margaret, thanks for letting Lizzie share it with us. I'm loving these husbands!! xo

  9. Hello: The husbands are very interesting and so well done. I am wondering what the groom template looked like that was found with the quilt. I am enjoying this beautiful blog. I am so excited to be allowed to join. Janet D.

  10. I love it! Where are all these blocks from? I recognise one from a book on Red and Green quilts by Jeanna Kimball and others from the Elly Sienciwicz Baltimore Beauty books.

    Was this quilt made from one pattern? Where did Margaret find the bride and groom blocks?

    I am totally intrigued.


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