Friday, September 25, 2009

Progress Report!

My fourth urn block - a mock-up, so I hope it works! I'm off to prepare some leaves and maybe a couple of pears - the other blocks are so busy that with the additions I hope it all just ties in! Where to from here? I really don't know - I will have to have a little study and think - as you know I had sort-of decided on 9 blocks only and now I'm thinking maybe I will need more. I am just loving the applique - the quilting at the the end is what is bothering me. I love to hand-quilt but boy, there's so many other things I want to do than sit around on my bot! I am just loving the inspiration and information that is coming from this blog - oh, I keep saying that don't I! And a big surprise - one of our LQS's Calico and Ivy are going to start classes on the CWBQ. Now this is a lovely, lovely quilt shop, very modern with all the latest fabrics plus lots of Libertys, lots of lovely woolies and yarns - so it just shows how the popularity of this quilt is spreading. I find it quite amazing how many of our 'modern' quilters are swinging back to historical and traditional - and not that it ever phased out completely - applique is back! Happy weekend - hugs - Lurline♥


  1. I love the flowers and the urn goes perfectly with the others. I can't see you stopping after nine blocks. You seem to be enjoying this quilt. I agree with you that more modern quilter are getting back to the traditional quilts. This is a collectable quilt we are making - Hugs Natima

  2. dear lurline,your block looks very good,i think one pear on both sides of the urn would look quite good.i love antique quilts,happy stitching,susi

  3. Lurline I am jealous that you have Calico and Ivy just around the corner. I have been in their shop a number of times and just adore it. They have a good range of everything. I collected Liberties from their shop 16 years ago. Must confess to a nice little collection of Liberties. They ar a little addictive too.
    I like the idea of a pear too afterall there is a real apple theme and pears and apples go together.
    Happy Stitching

  4. Just lovely Lurline! I can see pears too.

  5. I love your urn design. Stop stressing about the hand-quilting,and just enjoy the applique. Why can't you machine quilt it when it's finished?

  6. Beautiful start to this block!! I love your tulips, and I am a real pear person, so I'm charged by that idea!!

    I agree with Natima...I don't see you stopping after nine either!!

    These blocks are so busy that outline quilting on the 20 blocks is probably plenty of quilting (and requires no marking!!) - the borders could just have something easy like outline quilting and diagonal will probably go faster than you think! I think anyone who can handle applique with all these crazy leaves, berries and birds need not fear anything!!

    Keep up the great work!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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