Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Question before I take the plunge...

Hi friends,

I have a good background picked, butcher paper templates cut out, some fabrics pulled, and now I have a question before I dig in and do my first block...

...did anyone consider making the blocks slightly larger??  I'm trying to decide if I want to make the blocks a little less crowded by making them 12 x 15 rather than 11 x 14.  I'm contemplating teasing them apart just a tiny bit.  Does anyone think that will ruin the look?

I would love input on this...all the posted blocks have been so beautiful and inspiring!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Hi Teresa, you can always cut your background larger than the original size and after you complete the applique you can always trim it down. About teasing them apart, you might want to enlarge the pattern on a photo copyer first - Hugs Natima

  2. dear teresa,i did this too,i cut my backgroundfabric 12x15 inches,and don`t cut it back to 11x14,i don`t think it will ruin the look of the whole quilt. i am thinking about making the border a bit wider too,and add some more leaves maybe,because i want this to be a bigger quilt,have a nice day,susi

  3. No, I don't think it will ruin it, we all seem to be adding or subtracting within the confines of the pattern. I actually wish that I had cut the background fabric a wee bit larger now. I think even without teasing apart, having some space around each individual block would be good.
    Can't wait to see what you do!

  4. Personally I like the cluttered look. Reminds me of my work space! But if you think about adding one inch over 11 and 14, I think you won't notice it too much if you keep the pieces the same size and space them slightly further apart. Why not cut a background piece and the apllique pieces and just pin them on and see how it looks?

  5. I am not part of your applique group but I think it would look wonderful. I love the quilts but you are right sometimes they look crowded and you can't enjoy each block alone.

  6. I'm not part of the group either. But I have to say that for me personally, one of the reasons I love this quilt sooooo much (and always have) is that it does look crowded. It's so charming that way! But enlarging it would probably look great too. Just my personal preference.

  7. Well, I asked myself the same thing AFTER I cut out all the background blocks and traced the first pattern to a background piece. It was then that I noticed how close things came to the edges. My plan now is to leave the blocks at 11" x 14" and not cut them back to the suggested size. I think it would be an excellent idea for you to cut them larger and decide when all blocks are completed.

  8. I like that every single space is crammed. I hate some of the free patterns in magazines have so much "white space" around the designs. The secret to a good design is making use of all the space.

  9. I was amazed to find this discussion, since I have just received my pattern and had the same reaction about the blocks looking crowded. I think I'm going to cut the backgrounds bigger and applique a few of them, line them up and see if I like the look better. I'm also going to change the border to look more like the original. Love those horses and birds and would hate to leave them out.


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