Sunday, September 27, 2009

This was an easy one

This block has hardly any leaves, and the birds are mostly in big pieces.
I am going to embroider the fruit stems, bird feet, head feathers and beaks. This means, that for now, this block is done!
I have traced off block 2 and applied the stems. There really is a lot of applique on this block. No wonder the girls doing these blocks in order wondered what they had got themselves into!!
I am aiming to make one block a week, but I will not just be working on this quilts. I must be prepared for interruptions!!


  1. Nice birds and I really like the colours for both of them. I will have to dig deep to try and find some nice fabrics for my birds. Hugs Natima

  2. hi,your birds look very pretty,happy stitching,susi

  3. I Have been choosing fabrics for my birds too for when I start them. Have nearly finished B1 2 leaves and a bird. Have everything prepped for Block 2 lost count of the leaves! and have have the baskets and apples ready to sew on block 5.
    Am getting there slowly :-)

  4. I'm so pleased you are embroidering the feet and am looking forward to seeing the finished block.The birds' feet in these patterns are really bothering me - birds' feet are quite unobtrusive really. Good on you!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Hi great birds. Love the subtle differences in the bodies. More interest !!


  6. Love the blues you are using for the birds.

  7. I asked Corliss if she appliqued her bird feet. Some of them were blanket-stitched appliqued and some were needle-turned. So, I chose to embroider mine. I did it on my Baltimore Album blocks, and it worked a treat. Thank you for all of your kind comments.


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