Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working in the garden

This has been my work in the garden of late - it is now early Spring here, and I am enjoying making these garden-inspired blocks. I just finished block 2. I made my flowers mauve. White flowers would make a poor contrast against my light background. I imitated the crisp feel by adding the flower centres in a white shirting fabric. This is block 8 on the way. Actually, I have progressed beyond this already, but you haven't seen me start it yet! I will probably finish block 8 tonight.
I can't believe how exciting this blog is. I am feeling sooo inspired! Really and truly, I feel so thrilled to be sharing the making of this quilt with fellow quilters worldwide.
I feel certain the original maker would never have thought her designs would become so famous. I am so glad to see everyone making their own little adaptations.... especially in regards to the groom. My husband belongs in my garden. I wonder which block I could squeeze him into!


  1. hello,wonderful blocks ,you made,i enjoy too being a member of this blog,it is so much fun sewing together with you allover the world,take care,susi

  2. Fabulous blocks Lorraine, isn't it just great stitching with so many cyber friends?

  3. Hi Lorraine. Your blocks look really lovely. It is inspirational this blog - but I think I'm getting sooooooo far behind......aargh!

  4. Your blocks are coming together beautifully. I like your color choices. I am enjoying working on mine too, but slowly. Not a lot of spare moment this week - hugs Natima

  5. Just glorious, Lorraine - hey, this has to be one of the best blogs for interaction between like-minded quilters, oh, I think I have said something like this before - never mind!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. What quilt are we going to make after this? I don't want to lose this exciting momentum!!

  7. These are looking beautiful Lorraine, I like your mauve flowers. xo


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