Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Always On My Mind

This is the 6th block I have finished appliqueing. I have another block that just needs a couple of flower centres, and yet another one that is half finished. I love the fabric I used for the eggs. The slight patterning makes them look delicate, and maybe slightly translucent. The nest fabric also looks good - it's got a slightly woven look.
So, here are the first 6 blocks photographed together.
I'm working on other projects too now, but the Bride Quilt is always on my mind...


  1. what a wonderful work,the blocks are a perfect harmonie together,happy stitching,susi

  2. Love the Block the speckles on the eggs are a great touch. Love the shape of the leaves too. All those blocks are looking pretty special :-)
    Plan on working on my leaves B2 tonight.

  3. Is very nice 6 blok.... You work too much only day... But is very pretty....

  4. It's another lovely block. They are coming nicely together. I agree with you on the fabric for the eggs and nest. I have a piece of marble fabric that Terry gave me to use for my eggs. Can't wait to get to this block - Hugs Natima

  5. Thanks for the close up of the nest and pointing out the fabrics. They were great choices. I especially like the delicate eggs. Your blocks are looking very nice!

  6. Great egg fabric - the delicate patterning looks like the marks on natural egg shells! Fabrics are great on all of it - especially the bird belly! :o)

    I love this block because the leaves are different in shape...almost like the oak leaves in my neighbor's yard.

    The six blocks look great together...all of your fabrics really sing when they are all together.

    I wonder what kind of bird this is supposed to be? A Robin? It has a pretty red breast...Hmmm....

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. Beautiful block! Lovely nest and eggs.

  8. Gorgeous! Need I say more? The blocks all look so beautiful together.

  9. Yes a Robin red breast sitting on her nest in spring. The return of the robin in Massachusettes when I was a child always meant spring had sprung. I'm sure
    it was a symbol of rejunivation.
    Great block clear colors.
    Happy stitching

  10. Ohhh, they look so wonderful altogether! Well done!

  11. Thank you all so much. I hadn't even thought of it being a robin red breast, I just liked the fabrics together!! That's great!!

  12. BQ waht a wonderful display of blocks that I am going to look forward to..they look fabulous your fabrics ARE amazing you making fabulous blocks


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