Monday, October 26, 2009

Bird of Paradise - In Progress!

Firstly, how wonderful to have been complimented on the blog by Elly - now that is really something and I know you will all be happy with your contributions and efforts to make this blog special - to Liz, too - many thanks!

I have been puddling along for what seems ages with this block - I must admit I have been doing lots of other things also, so not really dedicated. As you can see, I have been up to my usual tricks and making more changes here and there - the head, body and wing are Kim McLean birds look-alike! I am anxious to finish the block now - happy with the way it is developing and will make it the focal point of the quilt - I think ....

Thank you to everyone who left Comments on my last Post - I am sorry I have not replied and promise to be better behaved in the future!

Happy stitching everyone - hugs - Lurline♥


  1. Your bird is beautiful! What a tail - definately worthy of being the focal point.

  2. Hi Lurline
    I just love the flourish of your tail :-) and your streamlined bird.

  3. Lurline, I do love the slender head of your bird.
    The tail is also beautiful. Yes, it was a delightful to get comment from Elly Seinkiewicz. That was really exciting - Hugs Natima

  4. A wonderful bird Lurline, I like the slimline version, it seems to fit it's tail better and the variety of colours are wonderful.

  5. your bird looks fantastic,lurline,happy stitching,susi

  6. Lurline,

    I just love it! Your wonderful bird is going to be my next block. Thanks for the sneek peek.

    Bobbie Ashley

  7. Your bird of paradise is magnificent, Lurline. Ann :)

  8. Lurline

    I LOVE your bird! How are you putting it together? looks like off the block? Any hints?

    Teresa / IL

  9. Lurline,

    Your bird of paradise is AMAZING!! I was not feeling very inspired toward this block, but now I am eager to do it, thanks to your "Weight Watchers" version of the slimmer body and elegant color choices.

    Thanks for kicking it up a notch...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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