Friday, October 16, 2009

Block 8 is done!

Block 8 is done!  So much for doing them in any kind of order.  This block seemed empty and easy after the first three that I did.  They seemed so busy.  I was watching the birds pick the cold, dried up crabapples off the tree outside my window when I picked fabrics for this block - I decided to make the cherries into crabapples, hence the pink!

Now, for my moment of immaturity...I'm keeping a childish tally of shapes as I applique them down.  After 4 blocks done, here are the totals:
   leaves - 114
   pieces of fruit - 34
   flowers/buds - 23

I think I am doing my groom next...he's been on my mind (don't tell my husband!).  I sketched it out tonight.  One of my grandfathers was a farmer and taught vocational agriculture and living off the land, so I designed the block around things that reminded me of him.  Besides, my daughter Riley is named after him and this quilt will be hers some day.  Now I just need to dig in.

I've also been thinking about the peacock block.  When I was a kid, we actually sort of had a "pet" peacock.  We lived in Birmingham, Alabama and our property backed up to the woods that surrounded the Birmingham Zoo.  One day he just wandered up and started roosting on my little sisters' swingset...happy to eat leftovers (he especially loved scrambled eggs - isn't that cannibalism?) and put on a "feather show" for us.  My Dad caught him, put him in the back of the station wagon and drove him back to the zoo.  He beat my Dad back to our house again!  So, he stayed and ruled the neighborhood.

He HAS to be in the quilt!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. oh teresa,what a nice block,like the crabapples,and i am waiting for your groom!hugs,susi

  2. Teresa, this block must be my favorite so far after seeing the finished blocks on here. I like the yellow pears on it. I think it's going to be a fun block to make. The groom yes, I am working on him right now. I don't have any CW history so, he has to be just a groom - Looking forward to seeing yours groom - Hugs Natima

  3. Teresa Teresa Teresa.. you are just flaunting these gorgeous blocks at me until I get my pattern..LOL it is stunning.. love your colors your and your workmanship.
    Nat..mine will be just a groom as well not to worry we will have our circle of grooms..LOL
    Well ladies I just got a message from Megan at Threadbare and my pattern was sent out today.. I will able to join the chatter and make these lovely blocks.. I would not have known if this blog did not start so thanks to Lizzie for starting the blog..and thanks to you all for joining and posting your blocks and your comments.
    I am from Toronto Ontario Canadaa so it should take about 10 days.. I am so excited
    oh BTW I went to and posted your link so that they can pick out my fabrics with this quilt in mind. I have taken advantage of their sale and hope they can send me FQ to make this quilt.. I am sure I have enough but hey it is a sale!! also suggested they should carry this pattern I think it is a big hit..and it should be their next BOM..

  4. Great job, Teresa! That's 4 blocks now, right? But who's counting... oh yeah, you! (I'm a counter, too.) I'm excited to hear that another groom block is in the works. I enjoyed your story about the peacock. It's a good "tell" in your show and tell.

  5. So is your peacock going to be "feather show" - your peacock story is great, so are your leaves and fruit.... fun to hear how you are making this quilt "yours".

  6. Look at you go! Four blocks already. I love this one. Especially the pears.

  7. What a great story/memory about the peacock :0) I'm looking forward to seeing your groom block. Your block 8 is lovely. In my yard the squirrels are eating the frozen crab apples.

  8. Teresa, your applique skills are excellent. Each and every pattern piece looks so crisp and perfect - what's your secret? you must have a magic needle:} Beautiful! Debra

  9. Lovely block Teresa - love the crab apple variation

  10. Teresa...I just love your choice in fabrics...those greens and fruits look delicious!!


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