Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boy, that's a lot of leaves...

This is a very leafy quilt project!!  I wasn't very crazy about this block before I started working on it...even considered omitting it to make room for a groom.  But now that it is done, I'm glad I changed my mind.

OK...I am a little obsessive/compulsive ("a LITTLE, " my husband would say...).  I've decided to keep a running tally of some of the elements in this project...like, how many leaves, pieces of fruit and flowers/buds I've stitched thus far (later I will add birds and animals...).

So, (drum roll please!), here is the first tally after three blocks:
   leaves - 95
   pieces of fruit - 9
   flowers/buds - 23

Yes, I am counting every little berry and grape as a piece of fruit.   :o)

Yes, I am a nutter.   :o)

On a more serious note, I've been scratching my head, trying to plan blocks, arrangement and color.  It is difficult when I don't know the final arrangement to keep color placement even as I plan individual blocks.  And, I want to move the blocks around so that I can get an idea of the final layout.  So, I made a paper color copy of the quilt picture on my computer printer and cut it into blocks so that I could move things around and play (do you like my groom block??).

Happy stitching to you all!!  I am so enjoying reading every post!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. dear teresa,your blocks look gorgeous together,keep stitching,so that we can see more,have a nice week,susi

  2. I loved stitching block two as well, despite the fact that it has a 'zillion' leaves. I was going to count all the leaves on this quilt then decided against it, I thought it would put me off if I knew how many I had to sew. ;o)
    Good colours in the leaves and I like your little orange centres on the flowers, nice.

  3. Love all those leaves. I like the way you have slipped all the stems of the leaves with stems under the stems. I know the picture gives the impression that they are loose. I am going to take a leaf out of your book and do the same. Might have to undo a bit of stems but it will be worth it. BTW Love the Groom ;-)
    Have a great Day

  4. Dear Teresa, another great block and great colors. Your appliqué stitches are so beautiful, perfect stitch. I like the idea of keeping tabs of the pieces. It will come in handy in the journal. I might have to do that too. Hugs Natima

  5. Just love all the fabric choices you've made for your leaves...even the unexpected stripe! You must be an expert on leaves by now after 95 of them!

  6. Went away and had to respond to heaps of great work.
    Teresa your leaves are great. I had a close up and was suprised to see howmany different greens. It was liberating. I think I've been agonising over keeping all my leaves at least in the same tonal range. Thanks for the freedom.
    Happy Stitching Terry

  7. Ooh, don't your blocks look lovely together? I'm not going to worry too much about exactly what goes where in the quilt yet. I am picking my favourite blocks first, then I will see what happens!! Isn't this fun??

  8. It sure is a very leafy project. Thank goodness my favourite colour is green. :) Love your block!


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