Thursday, October 1, 2009

Done except for her face...

She's done!!  I still need to embroider her face, but I will catch up on those little details when I have 3-4 blocks done.  I decided to give her more hair (a bun on top of her head).  I am so loving this project - it is making my heart sing.  But the leaves...ugh!  Has anyone counted how many there are in the whole project?!?

I'm trying a different kind of hand applique for this project.  My usual method is mostly "baste-under," with a little needle-turn thrown in on points and little fussy bits.  I usually like to baste the allowance, press the bit, and then pin, baste, and/or glue ("dot, dot, not a lot") to the background.  Then, after I stitch everything down, I remove the basting thread...a little tedious.  The problem with this method is the amount a turn-under allowance required when basting it down...almost a whole quarter inch.

Well, one of my quilting buddies (thank you, thank you Mary Liz!), just turned me on to the glue stick method and I am completely hooked!!!  I am using an Elmer's disappearing purple glue stick and a stiletto/fingertips  after I've ironed freezer paper to the right side of the fabric.  The real beauty is that it takes so little turn-under allowance when doing it this way.  I'm like a kid in a candy store...I just want to applique everything in sight!!  The shapes were a little stiff at first, but I've backed off on the glue and a straw needle (Jeana Kimball) works well.  I now have the added step of soaking the finished, untrimmed block in a little cold water to remove the glue stick and the Roxanne's Glue Baste-It, followed by careful pressing to dry, but I am much happier not sewing all those allowances before laying the block out.  The gluing and pressing go really fast!

Question: what are your thoughts on cutting away the background behind the applique?  I usually do it since I'm a hand quilter, but I'm not sure about doing it on this project.  If I do, I won't bother cutting away behind small things, like leaves, berries, etc....just bigger things.  Do you guys usually do this??  I'm really on the fence about it for this project.

I trimmed my two blocks to 12 x 15 (to finish at 11.5 x 14.5).  I may trim them the rest of the way to 11.5 x 14.5 when putting the whole thing together, but for now the outer edges of my blocks are extremely close to the smaller size.  I may trim all of them to 12 x 15 "so they can breathe" and then adjust the outer borders accordingly.

Happy stitching!!!

Teresa  :o)


  1. hi teresa,ohhh,what a beauty!!!isn`t this quilt adorable? i love to make it as you do,happy stitching,i do not cut away the background,though i am a handquilter,doesn`t matter to me,susi

  2. Hi Teresa, congratulations on finishing the bridal block. I am going back to it after this. I totally agree with you on how many leaves there are in this quilt? I think the leaves makes this quilt. I love your colors too. I haven't tried your appliqué method, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Natima

  3. I love your color choices on this block!

  4. Hi Teresa, lovely colours for your bride. So many different ways of applique that are being used on this quilt, who would have thought so many existed?? I don't cut away behind the shapes, but like applique, I guess there are lots of different opinions as that too. Looking forward to seeing your next block.

  5. Appolidies for the short greeting above. Blogging trouble. Hopefully now sorted.
    I like the golden delicious apples in yor block. Mangoes are in season here.
    Your brides hair is very elegant. Nice
    Happy stitching

  6. She really is a lovely bride, Teresa! Slimmed down a bit? and I do like the hairdo. Your applique technique - go with what gives you the most beautiful curves and points. I am not afraid to cut out behind applique - it is very necessary at times if one wants to hand-quilt!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Beautiful block Teresa! The hairdo is wonderful and love the bright yellow flowers.

    I have yet to cut away background fabric behind applique, but would consider doing so, if it would make hand quilting easier.

    I like how you said working on this quilt makes your heart sing. I smile the whole time I am working on it or when thinking about it or when reading about it on this blog. :)

  8. I love those green apples too Teresa. I am leaving block trimming and cutaways til last. Then I will decide. Have 3 blocks in stages with very little to show. Have hardly got to sit and sew this week at all :-(. I am reading all about it though.

  9. Teresa! I Love this block and the yellow fabrics! Do you mean you iron the freezer paper on the Wrong side and then glue under seam allowence, then cut away from the back? I did this method on the first block and it makes the sewing down of pieces quick! By the way, I'm from usa;Maine (moose country)


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