Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finally, block 13 is finished.....

It's taken me three weeks to finish this block! A friend said on her blog the other day that she thought she'd lost her 'mojo', well I think I lost mine and found it again! I sat down yesterday and finished this block AND started the next one, how's that for mojo??
I'm not that happy with the table legs but at the moment they are going to have to stay. Maybe before I put it together I'll do something with them. I still have the cherry stems to embroider and the fringe to do on the tablecloth but, as with all the other blocks, I'll do it all at the end I think!

They are looking good together, three more blocks and I'm half way. That's if you don't think about the borders of course, lol!

This is the block I'm doing now, the grapes and bird. I stitched all the stems on last night, tonight I'll do the grapes. I should imagine this one will come together a lot quicker that the last one, I don't think I'll lose interest again for a while anyway.

The other day I opened a comment email and was thrilled to read...............

"So excited this famous Album is being reproduced widely!! Elly Sienkiewicz, The Appliqué Academy®"

How fabulous is that? I am in awe of this lady's applique skills and she leaves a comment on our blog!! If you go here, you can see the comment.
I think it may have something to do with this post from the lovely Bobbie?? Thank you Bobbie, our blog was obviously a topic of conversation and I personally think it's wonderful that Elly Sienkiewicz paid us a visit.
We are still getting requests to join the blog and hopefully some of you that were waiting for fabric etc, will be joining us soon. Looking forward to lots of new posts in the near future.
Have a good week everyone,


  1. Lizzie,

    What can I say, all of your blocks are just gorgeous together. Keep up the good work, we are all getting excited to see them all together.


  2. HI you blocks is very pretty.. I love too much you work.. Compliment.....

  3. Hi Lizzie, the table block looks beautiful and delightful. I love the blue vast and bright red cherries. You will love the next one, not too hard, but lots of grapes. Have fun and thanks for sharing the comment from Elly Sienkiewicz, I have met her in Houston and she was fabulous - Hugs Natima

  4. Hi Lizzie
    Just love your Tablecloth :-)
    My you have been busy. My blocks are coming along slowly. Hopefully will have another to show soon.

  5. dear lizzie,your table block looks very good,don`t worry about the leg,i think it is an honour for all of us,that elly sienkiewicz visited our blog,i have three of her books,and learned a lot out of them.thank you again lizzie,that you made this blog possible and we all could be members,have a nice sunday,susi

  6. beautiful block!
    your doing so well, remember its a journey not a race!
    They look wonderful all together.
    VERY INSPIRING to see the blocks together like this

  7. Your blocks are all so pretty! And how exciting is that to get a comment from Elly Sienkiewicz! Wow!

  8. Lizzie, your blocks are looking just wonderful! I like the variety in your leaves and cherries. A visit from Elly Sienkiewicz?! How special is that?!

    P.S. I have the pattern, and bought the background last weekend. Yesterday was washing and pressing (sheesh, I've never ironed such a large piece of fabric!), and picking which block to dive into first. Time to select the fabrics and get to work.

  9. Another lovely block! The blue vase is just the perfect color. I like your picture with all the blocks together.

  10. block 13 is finished.
    your blocks are wonderful.
    congratulation LIZZIE

  11. Lizzie,

    Your block is just beautiful...I really LOVE the scarlet/white second tablecloth looks like lace! All your finished blocks are so harmonious and really sing when placed together.

    Thank you for pointing out the comment from Elly and the "Applique Academy"...I think we will all sit a little taller as we work knowing that she is checking in with us. :o)

    The quilting mojo...and free time...comes and goes. I'm glad you have yours back. My other job as a church musician has kept me from needle and thread (and housework, cooking, blogging, sleeping...) for a couple of weeks, trying to get music together for a secular Christmas concert that will happen in December. Another couple of intense days, then I think I can sew again...I get so CRANKY when I can't sew!

    So, here's to quilting mojo and lots of quality sewing time!! And I'm looking forward to all the blocks from newbies!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  12. Glad you found your mojo again....and I don't see anything wrong with the legs.....

  13. Good job on finishing this block. I found that the blocks went faster after I got through the elephant block.

    My own version of the original (substantially different from this pattern) has progressed to the quilting stage.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

  14. Lizzie, Your blocks are beautiful, especially seeing them together!And to know that Elly is watching! I'VE had the pleasure of taking one of Elly's classes and always refer to her books for help. What a honor! I think your table legs are fine; I say leave them as is! Gail

  15. Very nice Lizzie! Love the tablecloth fabric. Guess what? I'm preparing the grape block also! The perfect block for me to do this time of year and I can't wait to use some of my new purple reproduction fabric. :)


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