Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting through/over/around a blockage

I was laying out my blocks to photograph them together when a friend who has seen the blocks individually remarked how stunning they look. It's true, all of our blocks look better when seen in real life. This block was a blocker. What do I mean? I couldn't get past it. It seemed to take AGES! and I forgot to make one of the little bud stems, so I had the block ready to finish with only 2 flower centres and a bud to go. I actually started another block, and finished it before I ended up finishing this one!! Thank you dear friends for being there for me, even though you didn't know I felt blocked. It was your photos on this blog, especially where the blocks were shown together that inspired me. Whoops! I photographed one of the blocks upside down! I bet you didn't even notice. LOL!! I changed the ostrich feet a bit too - and the flower colours. Thank goodness for this simple straight-forward block that got me over the hump. Just a note - the platforms for the ostriches are not included in the pattern, you need to make them up. They are shown in the photo, but not on the layout diagram. Here is what I have done now! Almost half the blocks are finished... (that's positive self-talk that is).


  1. hi,lorraine,your blocks look really great together,your colours are stunning,what a wonderful blog this is!have a nice day stitching,susi

  2. Lovely lovely and I love them all together too. I like bright colour flowers on the ostrich block. Thanks for pointing about the platforms - Hugs Natima

  3. They look fantastic,well done.


  4. them all and they do look good together!!

  5. Wow! A double-shot of inspiration! Your blocks look so good together. Thanks for pointing out the ostrich platforms...I looked at that pattern and felt something was missing...

    Work has interrupted my sewing time...I hope to get back to the bride quilt this weekend. I am enjoying seeing all the lovely posts to keep my mind on the project.

    I'm so glad you, and others, photograph your pictures with all your blocks together. Even if that is not the final placement, it is really fun to see how the blocks look together.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. All your blocks are fabulous Lorraine, as are everyones! I hit that same bump with the last block I did, it's like a marathon run isn't it? You hit the wall and push through it then you're on a roll? Fancy you putting a block upside down, lol! I love those ostrich.

  7. I'm pleased you have passed that hiatus, Lorraine - I think it happens to us all at times. You really have achieved a lot very quickly, you must be pleased. The ostrich block is lovely, but as with all the feet, I have a big problem with the feet, can't say I have a Foot Fettish, lol! Love your upside-down block, you cheeky little devil!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  8. Lorraine,

    They are all just too gorgeous for words. I wish I had the time to just applique on these blocks every day. Wouldn't that be such fun. Keep up the wonderful work it is so very inspiring for us slow pokes, VBG.

    Bobbie Ashley

  9. BQ what an awesome quilt so far!! your blocks are just lovely and great fabric choices.. thanks for the heads upon the osterich block.
    I just got my pattern yesterday!! Yippee ki yay!!. I sat and went all through it what a big package.
    You are right the incentives are in the postings of everyones blocks they are all individually beautiful..thanks

  10. Another lovely block Lorraine. You are moving right along.

  11. Your flowers so pretty! The stripe adds a cheerfulness. And those ostriches are gorgeous! I enjoy seeing all the blocks (even upside down ones!). It looks great, Lorraine!


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