Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Groom is born

No, I have not dropped of from the list. Since the beginning of October I have been busy curating a handmade books exhibition due to be open on Saturday 31 October. You can read more about it here . In the meantime let me tell you a little about the groom.
The Groom is born! I started workig on him about two weeks ago , but he was without a face for all that time. I managed to give him a face-lift just last weekend. I found that the face and hat were hard to position together. I think I am happy with that now. What does everyone think? Does he need a feature on his face? My sewing group thought he should have, but I am not sure. Some input here from everyone please. Lizzie did a great job on the pattern. I particularly like his strong legs. He would need them to fight the war! I decorated my block a bit differently than what Lizzie did, but still using the motifs from the main pattern. I gave in to the temptation and got some Civil war fabrics fromAutumn rose Quilting. I couldn't help myself when I saw what they have. Not having any Civil war fabric before I thought I might get just a little bit LOL! Anyway, I can use what is leftover for Dear Jane quilt.


  1. dear natima,what a lovely groom,my bride and groom will not have a feature on their faces,i think it is not necessary,if the blocks were bigger,maybe,i love your fabrics,too,especially civil war fabrics i am very fond of,hugs,susi

  2. Very nice Natima! Love the civil war fabric. As for a face, I'm thinking yes.

  3. Your groom block looks great. I don't think he needs features on his face.

  4. Groom is fine without a face. If you give him one then you will need to give the bride one as well.

    Fabrics are nice. You never could resist.
    Good luck with the opening and exhibition.

    Happy Stitching

  5. The fabrics on that site look delicious!

    I love your groom! Great work Natima!

  6. Like a man with strong legs!!! Ha! Ha! This block looks great!

  7. Hi nice groom,
    yes give him a face because you gave the bride a face.

  8. He's a handsome fella. His head and hat are great. If you put any features, personally I'd limit it to just his eyes. No nose or mouth. Plain is good too. It's looking great!

  9. Oh Natina,

    Is he not a handsome thing? I want one! Oh I forgot, I have one already, giggle. 22 years and counting.He is just lovely, can't wait to put my groom block together.


  10. Natima he is a honey. Well done, I think the colours are great. If your bride has a face, so should he but a simple one is probably best.

  11. NO FACE (unless your bride already has one). I think the blocks look so much better without...more like an Amish doll...each view can imagine the features...

  12. Nice Groom! And I have to admit, I'm a "leg gal," and his are nice! I love the fabrics you are using and choosing from...be warned...once you start buying CW fabrics, it's hard to stop.

    I have not resolved my own issues with "face or no face"...I figured I'd wait and mull it over. His head looks great the way you made him...nice hairline...really frames his face nicely.

    Due to work deadlines with both of my part time jobs, I've not stitched much over the past week (makes me grumpy!). My husband asked me what I wanted for our 16th anniversary this Friday...I told him I wanted an evening with no cooking so I could stitch on my groom block! Maybe he will make dinner for ME!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  13. nat you are now at the beginning of collecting CW fabrics.. I thought only a little too but it does grow on you..Your groom is perfect I would leave the face without features then when a "quilter" or public person looks into his eyes they will see the eyes they would like to see in their groom.. your strong wonderful groom


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