Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here Comes the Bride..........

Here comes the Bride yeah! It has taken me long enough, but to be honest I have been working on this block most nights, if I didn't fall as sleep in the middle of it, that is! I am still enjoying it, and every leaf or flower I complete I sit back and admire the progress. I truly believe that I will finish this quilt without a doubt! Having this blog motivates me a great deal. I am much more organised with keeping the journal as well. I have no photo of the journal to show you today because I have been busy this weekend attending a pop-up book workshop for both Saturday and Sunday. Will take some photos of the journal next week. I only managed to take a photo of the completed block when I got home this afternoon, thanks to the daylight saving! Here it is my beautiful bride. I gave her a new hairdo with curved ends. I am happy to add that the fabric for her skirt is the only true civil war fabric I have got in my stash. It's perfect for the skirt. I have added a little lace trim along the bottom edge of the skirt, just to dress her up a little on her wedding day. I hope you like my version of the bride.
These are the blocks I have completed so far. Not too many compared to some other energetic ladies on this blog. My next block will be the groom block using the pattern that Lizzie kindly shared with everybody. I will have to work out what I will use to decorate the rest of the block with. I can see that it will be another slow block to complete. I will introduce more fabric in the next block. I am thinking blue for the groom coat, or maybe brown and black. Decisions, decisions! I need some help here please.


  1. dear natima, what a lovely bride you made!!!when your groom has his own block ,which one of the other blocks will you leave out ,if you know ,what i mean.i am tending to make 4 urn blocks like lurline did,but i don`t know yet wich block i will leave out .have a nice next week,hugs, susi

  2. Your version of this quilt is going to be absolutely stunning!

  3. I love your bride block - its so pretty!

  4. Gorgeous bride Natima, lovely colours and personal touches. Looking forward to seeing your groom.

  5. Wow! This is all really getting more exciting, if that is possible! I love your bride block! Her hairdo "makeover" looks great, and the lace is a beautiful touch on her dress! I think the deep colors of the flowers frame her nicely.

    Do we know if Corliss Searcey is following all the fun on this blog?!? I would think that she would enjoy all of our excitement about this quilt!

    Can't wait to see you next block!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. What a beautiful bride! I love the hair and such a pretty dress.

  7. Natima these look so stunning. The colours are gorgeous.

  8. Oh your bride is so bright and cheery! She really brightens up your other blocks. I love seeing the blocks together.

    Another different hair style?? Ooh, there's a bit of pressure to conform now eh??

    Love it! Keep up the good work. (It's not a race, it's just fun).

  9. Nat...I just love the way you have posted your pictures on your blog! You have a real talent to make everything look so good! And I love your bride...she's so beautiful!

  10. Nat sorry to hear you are also afflicted with the falling asleep syndrome. I'm sure I 'd be further along if only I didn't fall asleep with my stitching in my lap.
    Great post.
    Happy Stitching Terry


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