Friday, October 2, 2009

Here comes the Groom..........

I have finally finished my groom block and I'm quite pleased with him now. Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments about his waistline!! I like the flowers that he's now carrying and like to think that he's carrying them to give to his bride ........... ahwwww, sweet!!

I intend to put block 13, the table block, in between the bride and groom and that's the next one for me. I hope to get started on that this weekend, but I do have lots of other things that I want to get into, so I think that I may be slowing down a wee bit between now and Christmas.

I really love looking at them all together, gives a glimpse of how the quilt will look when it's finished I think.

I have had a couple more requests from ladies wishing to join us this week. Mona and Vanda, both from the U.S. are waiting for their patterns and will join us as soon as that arrives, looking forward to hearing from both of them. Welcome ladies. Also, I'm really looking forward to my friend Micki from here joining us too. She is also waiting on her pattern, can't wait for her first post. We are such a multi cultural melting pot of stitchers now, it's just wonderful.

I belong to a local patchwork group here where I live and on Wednesday a few of us had a bit of an outing (read spending spree) to some surrounding quilt shops, one of which belongs to our own Lorraine from here. Lorraine came in on her precious day off and brought her CWBQ blocks so that we could meet and have a look at both our blocks so far. Meeting another CWB quilter is so amazing, when I started this blog I don't think that I ever imagined that we would become as big or as friendly as we have. It started out more for me, for a bit of encouragement to keep ME going - now it's become WE and I love it, thank you all for making it WE!! Lorraine's husband took a photo for us and as soon as I get a copy I will put it up for everyone to see (or Lorraine will).

I've been hatching a bit of a plot to maybe get some of the local -as in Australian- ladies together! I was wondering how many of you will be coming down to Melbourne for the 'Australasian Quilt Convention' at the end of April next year?? I was thinking that it might be a great opportunity for those of us that are able to be there, to meet for lunch??? I have another little thing buzzing around my head at the moment concerning a photo of all of us! I'm needing to do a little more thinking on that one, but it will fall into place very soon, a hint - I love photoshop!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. So well done, Lizzie - okay you have convinced me, now I must do a bride and groom! Please don't tease me with Photoshop - maybe next year at TAFE? How great is the popularity of this quilt - just wonderful! Lots of welcomes to our newcomers - hope your paterns arrive soon!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Hi Lizzie, I love the groom block. He is so handsom and he will complete the quilt. I will add him to my quilt. Welcome ladies and Micki (my friend too!). Looking forward to you joining us. Please count me in for meeting next year. I live in Melbourne and I usually go to the AQC anyway. It will be great to meet up - Hugs Natima

  3. dear lizzie,very nice,your groom,i am looking forward to your table-block,happy stitching and a nice weekend,susi

  4. Hi Lizzie,

    Super groom - just perfect. It's lovely to imagine the couple separated by the table, with the curved boughs of flowers like parentheses around them...WOW, that will really look fantastic!! And I love the romantic notion of the groom bringing the flowers to the sweet (sounds like something my DH of 16 years would do! He's enjoying watching this project and all of the communication as well).

    Thank you so much for setting all this up and bringing all of us together. This is really such fun!

    In stitches,
    Teresa (Michigan, USA - where are the other ladies in the USA from??) :o)

  5. your blog it`s beautiful.
    i love this quilt.

  6. Beautiful! I love your groom! Good luck with getting everyone together -- hope it works out!

  7. Excellent groom block Lizzie! And, more new members. How wonderful! That would be nice if you could meet up with all the ladies at the quilt convention. As for photos...oh dear...I don't do photos!

  8. Such a lovely block! The groom looks fantastic! It's exciting to see how it's coming together! Wow, what a quilt that will be!

  9. Your blocks are looking lovely.
    Will keep April in mind. What are the dates?

  10. Hey! I just noticed! One of your blocks is upside down in this post! Don't put it into your quilt that way!! LOL!! *hugs*


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