Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've joined your dance

Hi!  After watching and admiring you ladies who are dancing your way through this lovely project, I decided to step out on the dance floor with you.  I had hesitated because I am very new to applique and quilting... I only started my first applique project a few months ago. So naturally, my second project would be this one!  (wink)

Here's a pic of the background I selected.  It's the leafy, tan fabric. (Did I not think there were enough leaves already?!)  It's "close enough" to what I was looking for. The fat quarters urged me to take them home.  I also bought the light fabric on the left for "something else" "some other day" just because I loved it. 

The background fabric was an interesting experience. I converted metrics to yards... and rechecked the numbers. Purchase THAT MUCH... of the SAME fabric? I've never bought anything longer than I could hold in outstretched arms. (Do any of you remember your first time buying your first big piece?) And though I like to iron... my goodness, it just went on and on! : ) Then I had to figure out how to refold the unwieldy mass. You would have laughed if you were there... and I would have told you to help me for goodness sake!

Block 5 is my first block.  I drew a different container that seemed more my style.  I know I'll make other changes as I go along.  Here's some of the fabrics.  I'm deciding between the two "urn" fabrics. (Sorry, the black is a little tough to see.)

I may try different techniques. For this block I'm using the freezer paper/starch method, because it gives this perfectionist the results she is happier with. I am practicing other techniques to build those skills. (I envy you who can needle-turn!) 

I'll try to be back soon to show some progress (with actual stitching! lol).  Just remember that I "dance" slow.



  1. so glad you joined us
    can't wait to see your first block!

  2. Hi Beth,

    Welcome to the dance! I feel like deciding which fabrics to use to be the hardest part, so you are well on your way.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. Welcome to the group, everyone is so encouraging here. We all have such a different take on the same pattern. Part of the fun if you ask me. I can't wait to see your first block. Don't worry about keeping up, the thrill is in the journey, we all stitch at different paces. Again, welcome to the group!

    Bobbie Ashley

  4. Looking forward to seeing your work!!

  5. Hi Beth, so you finally finished ironing that fabric?? LOL! You may 'slow dance' as much as you wish as long as you're on the floor with us!!
    Your fabric choices look delicious and I like the look of your urn, can't wait to see it finished. Keep stitching.

  6. Hi Beth,

    I'm getting ready to "start dancing" also, and wondered if you might share the "yardage calculations" for the background fabric?

  7. Well come to the great group Beth. If you have been watching you would know that this is the best group on the blog! I love all your fabrics and can't wait to see your first block - Hugs Natima

  8. Beth nice way to start to the beat of your own drum by designing some changes in our block. I would say you are well on your way to advanced applique!! what a great quilt to start with as your second quilt!! It is wonderful to start with a great group that is doing the same blocks and will help with techniques and methods on how they have done their block. I am also just starting this quilt and think I will be starting with the dog block..I love that one

  9. Love your fabric choices Beth. This quilt is going to be a great journey and lots of fun :-)
    I am the slow and steady one but will get there in the end :-)

  10. Welcome slow dancer, it's me Sunday driver! I see you are off to a nice start with lots of beautiful fabric. Enjoy your journey!


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