Monday, November 23, 2009

A Bird-of-Paradise sighting...

I finally had a chance to finish stitching on this old diva bird!  He is a little too proud of his tale, red, purple and black.  Following Lurline's lead, I streamlined his body a bit and gave him a little head plume.  I also decided to hide his feet. 

I'm having trouble with faces...even with the birds.  I'm going to think a little before giving this guy an eye, and maybe even change the eye I gave to the peacock.

The berries were an after thought...after stitching, I realized that his pointy beak was looking a little frayed where I had stitched it down...I thought the embroidered berry stems and crabapples would be a distraction.  When I deviate from an original pattern, sometimes it's just to hide some imperfection in my work, not just because I'm feeling "rogue," contrary, or overly creative!!  LOL

Thanksgiving holidays are this week, my in-laws are coming, but I still hope to find an opportunity to work on the next block.  I have the ostrich block glue-basted and ready for my anxious needle!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this holiday, and for everyone else I wish a week filled with appreciation of all the blessings and family we have been given and hold dear to our hearts.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o) 


  1. oh,what a wonderful paradise bird,teresa,and those tiny berries,looks great,i am waiting fo your ostriches,happy thanksgiving,susi

  2. Love your paradise birds flourishing tail
    Great Colours.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Teresa. Lovely and proud bird! I love the grand tail. You have done a very neat job on it. That will be my next block, but at the moment I can't seem to get the table block of the ground LOL!!! Hugs Natima

  4. Such a bright and beautiful bird Teresa! And, I love the fabric combination you used for the leaves.

  5. Teresa,

    You have outdone yourself. Your bird is gorgeous, just love him! I love the berries.


  6. You did such a beautiful job with the bird, Teresa! He is quite the regal fella! I really like the touch of the berries. If they're meant to hide imperfection, it's working because I don't see it. I'm looking forward to your next block!

  7. I found your blog, while searching for an image of this quilt. A friend has been working on this quilt and my mother making its label. You see the quilt will be unfinished as its maker will soon be passing. My mother has aptly named it, at the request of the maker, Bird of Paradise Interrupted. So sad, but your writing and images are so happy. Thank you ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  8. I just saw this quilt in person this past week. It is fabulous. I was wondering if anyone had made a reproduction of it. Your bird is lovely!


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