Monday, November 16, 2009

I lost a peacock somewhere...

I've been a little "bird-brained" lately, but finally have something to show for it.  Here is my peacock.  I probably should have waited until morning to take his picture, but I just could wait!  I will edit in a better picture tomorrow.

I went a little rogue with this block, re-designing his body, beak, legs, tail, tree, leaves, fruit...OK, I guess I went more than a little rogue.  I was thinking more of our "pet peacock" from my childhood, named Henry - really, more a run-away from the Birmingham, Alabama Zoo, which was through the woods from our house.

Anyway, I completely lost my mind with the little leaves...63 of them!  After the bird turned out so bright (actual colors of our bird), I thought the more drab leaves and tree would tone things down a bit.  My darker background helps tone down my love of lime-green fabric, as well.

So my showy peacock is setting up a "battle of the birds" on my quilt top - I've been working on the Bird of Paradise as well.  I was so taken with Lurline's BOP, that I also decided to re-draw the body and add a head plume.  I chose blacks, purples, golds, and reds.  I have not stitched him together yet, but he's been loosely glue-basted, and I can't wait to dig in now that the peacock is done!
I have also started my ostriches.  They seem very dull and boring after the peacock and BOP diva birds.
I told you that I had been a little "bird-brained!"

Remember I have OCD...after 6 blocks finished, I have done 186 leaves, 43 pieces of fruit/veg, 23 flowers, 2 people and 1 big bird!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Excellent birds Teresa. I love the colours of the peacock.

  2. Love all your birds Teresa! You did have birds brain lately. So good to work on them together. Great job and well done _ Hugs Natima

  3. Just love your peacock tail. It is very clever:-)
    Love your ostriches too. You are sure on a roll!
    Keep having fun cheers

  4. Teresa,
    Only a gazillion more leaves to go. Of course we did not think of that when we fell in love with this pattern, VBG here. I love all of the birds, your fabric choice for the Ostriches are wonderful. Great job, can't wait to see them all together.


  5. Love your interpretation of the peacock's feathers! Also, love the ostrichs! You do a great job on the embroidery....I'm trying to do less of it! By the way, I love lime green as well, so I'll be putting some in my quilt too!
    You're on a roll, keep it up!

  6. I like the parts that you redrew - the tree looks like the perfect spot for the peacock. The leaves are crazy! Debra

  7. Wow!! These are inspiring.. I think I will change my plans for the little peacock now to make it a bit more vivid green. I found a teal fabric in my stash... but it's a little bit dull...

  8. Your birds are terrific! Love the colors of your peacock. I had my own bird-brain moment, because I didn't "get" your title about losing a peacock until I saw your later post. Hit me in the forehead... there were 2 in the original! Sneaky, creative you.

    Your other birds look great too! The bird of paradise looks quite regal. The ostriches may seem boring, but I like them. The under feathers remind me of pretty bloomers and the legs look like fancy stockings.


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