Monday, November 2, 2009

A Litte Bit of News!

Hello Everyone - I didn't intend posting today, but there is a little bit of news! You will probably be interested in visiting Barbara Brackman's Blog to see the nice words she has to say about Lizzie and our blog! Also, here is one little lady ready to be a Bride - I was over her last night, but feel a little bit better about her today! I knew she would be a challenge and this proved true! Maybe with lots of flowers, fruit and leaves, I will feel happier with her! I looked up the original quilt again in the above mentioned and my heart went pitter-patter again - just so memorable! So inspiration is back! Congratulations to Lizzie for making this little bit of fame! I am about to email off a copy of my bird's head to a couple of The Girls, so if it is successful, I will be happy to share with anyone who is interested! Hugs - Lurline♥


  1. Hey Lurline,

    Your bride is just so dainty and precious. Mine is almost finished also! I just love your fabric choices. The flowers and leaves really do add a lot of interest. She will not look so lonely when you add them later, VBG!
    Wow! The interest in this quilt is just wonderful. The more the merrier, I say.

    Blissfully Stitching,

  2. She's lovely Lurline, very feminine is your bride. Nice colours too. I shall see if I can turn your lovely bird into a PDF, then I shall send it back to you to distribute or I can do that for you - you choose!
    Also, it's lovely that our blog is getting noticed far and wide and yes I did read Barbara's post, very flattering!! I left a comment for her to thank her AND to set the record straight so to speak on the maker of the block she pictured. Credit for that beautiful block has to go to DK (Debra Kern) and rightly so I say!! Soon be time for me to do a post so I had better get stitching on my vine leaves, only two to go...........LOL!
    Bye for now,

  3. Hi Lurline, I love the little bride. She is beautiful. I like the colours you used and I am more than sure that once you added flowers and leaves everything will comes together very nicely. I would love a copy of the bird head too please? That will be my next block - Hugs Natima

  4. woo hoo. Thanks for letting us know Lurline. Your bride is looking great Lurline. I bit the bullet & rang Corliss & ordered background fabric. It's being posted today so hopefully will get started(finally) when the fabric arrives.

  5. Hi Lurline,

    What a pretty frock your bride is wearing.. my deb dress had a similar waistline. LOL!!

    Thanks so much for your email of your modified BOP. Would you believe I was thinking of omitting that block? Now that I followed your link to Barbara Brackman's blog and I find it is widely knows as the BOP quilt, I can't possibly leave it out!!

    Thanks for making it achievable for me, and for sharing your modifications.

  6. Love the bride Lurline
    yes it was wonderful to read Barbara Brackmans blog and see she
    mentioned the blog!

  7. I love your svelte bride Lurline :-) Just how a young bride should look. I too love your BOP head and the block is gorgeous.. All our quilts are going to look wonderful though ;-) When they are finished and what a journey!

  8. thanks Lurline for the heads up!! I see she listed a few of the blogs I follow..cyberquilting words travel fast and furious so I have learned in a very short time myself especially when it is such a lovely quilt as this and the work everyone is doing to compliment the quilt only more!!

  9. Your work is so amazing and beautiful! Karmen

  10. Lovely bride Lurline - very pretty colours you have chosen. Well done. It's great about the BB post congrats to all and to Lizzie in particular.

  11. Lurline,

    I LOVE your bride...has she lost weight?!? Or maybe it's that flattering new dress bodice and hair style! Chick-a-boom-boom-BOOM! I can't wait to see the rest!

    Thanks for the heads up about the Brackman site! With Elly AND Barbara checking in on us, maybe we'll all sit up straighter and make smaller stitches!

    In stitches,

    Teresa :o)

  12. Your bride is so pretty! I can't wait to see her with all her flowers and fruit. I love how you are making this project your own!

  13. Yes, how nice of Barbara to post about the CWB blog. And, your bride is looking lovely!

  14. Thanks for the update to Barbara Brackman's blog! Congrats to THIS blog!
    Your bride is looking mighty fine! I love your blocks so far and looking at them all together gives a better idea on how the quilt is coming together. Nice work!

  15. Lurline, she is a lovely gal! You said you made her slimmer, but you snuck in other little changes too... from her longer "do", to her dropped waste, to the ruffles on her skirt. Very clever!

    Thanks for telling us about Barbara's mention of this. I can't believe where this blog has spread!


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