Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Lone Table

I am still here, but have been distracted to more urgent matters lately. I am hardly spending any time at all on this block. I started cutting the appliqué pieces as soon as I finished the last block, but for some reason things came in the way of me finishing it. I hope that it is not QADD attacking me again LOL!!! I thought I will show you what little progress I have made with the table block.
At least I finished the hardest part of this table - that is the lace and legs. I changed the shape of the legs slightly. I used to have a table that had the same legs at this one once. I like it better than the original legs. I am almost there right? Only the leaves and cherries to do hahaha!!! I hope you notice my traditional Chinese scissors? They are the cutest scissors I've ever owned! The blades are only 1.5" long and the handles are big and comfortable. The full size version of these scissors were traditionally used by Chinese grocers for cutting vegetables. They are really sharp. I love them. The fob is a hand painted gourd that my male colleague brought back for me from China. It is a perfect scissors companion.
Enjoy - Natima


  1. What a beautiful quilt, it is so nice to do projects together. I miss my old quiltgroup, everyone has moved now. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Very nice Natima! Beautiful tablecloth and you picked the perfect fabric for the legs. Love your little scissors.

  3. dear natima,beautyful table,very nice,hugs,susi

  4. I love your little scissors........ because: I use te same ones....!! A great little tool!
    And I also love this quilt! In the Netherlands I haven't seen anyone working on it, maybe because I just didn't find them yet... But I'm going to look for the book and make a start at this quilt! So lovely!!!
    Love the table as you made it! Have fun! Hope to see more of it an thanks for showing it to us.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  5. I love the way you handled the lace. Those scissors are so sharp, by the way, that they can actually cut all the way through a finger. (I have 2 pairs.)

  6. Natima

    This is so beautiful! I agree your table edging is very nicely done. And very nice scissors!

    What thread are you using??

    PS Don't worry sometimes life just gets in the way :)

  7. I love the way everyone is including a little of their own life
    and personality in their blocks :-)
    Adore the fob it has such personality

  8. GREAT start to this block, Natima! Your table lace is stunning...and the table legs are perfect. I think the blue vase will look lovely!

    The holidays are definitely getting in the way of my stitching time on this quilt (it started with Halloween and Halloween costumes...). I know that I need to get sewing on Christmas stuff, but will be thinking of this quilt while I do! I am almost through with the peacock block...I can hopefully stay up after my company goes to bed tonight for some "me" time...

    I know you will be "wow-ing" us again soon with your blocks...enjoy your other activities, as they are important as well!

  9. Oops!! I forgot to sign the last post...and I forgot to comment on your lovely scissors and fob!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  10. Your block is coming along very nicely! I am enjoying the changes that are being made by many of us, especially when it makes it personal, such as your shapely table legs.

    The scissors and fob are really neat! Thanks for showing them.

  11. Oh Natima,

    I just love your table. It looks so great! Red is my absolute favorite color. It is gorgeous.



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