Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My fifth block is done (here comes the groom)...

The groom has finally arrived!  Between my music job and sewing shop samples and Halloween costumes, he has been much neglected.  I think it shows...I'm not sure I'm completely happy with how I drafted it.  His block seems very sparse compared to his sweetie's, so not very exciting.  The bride may take one look at his block, then try and find a better provider!!!

I decided to introduce new fruits and veg...more to reflect what my grandfather grew in Alabama (and he had great fishing on his land!!) and what we've been surrounded by this harvest in Michigan (corn and pumpkins).

Here he is with his bride.
I'm not sure what block will be between them in the final layout, or if they will even be in the same row. Since the block content is so unbalanced between them, maybe they shouldn't appear too close together in the final quilt. I tried to make the size of the pumpkins, corn, watermelon and fish proportional to the man. But that may be the problem. The bride's flowers and fruit are all "super-sized." Maybe I should have done likewise with the pumpkins, etc.

I was so happy with it on paper, now I don't know.  Maybe this bride will need to dump this guy and find another prospect...LOL.

In Stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. He looks like a very hardworking groom Teresa, I'm sure any girl would be happy with him waiting at the altar, :o).
    Leave him to settle for a while, I always find that gives it more perspective! The colours in the two blocks meld really well together, I don't actually think you need to alter it at all. Love the slice of watermelon, well done.

  2. Teresa,

    I would love a man that likes to work in the garden! Lucky bride! Lizzie is right, let him hang next to the other blocks for a while. You could always add more leaves and veg's if you like. maybe a crow or two. Give him some time to grow on you. Your colors are great and the blocks really compliment eachother. Good job!

  3. Your groom looks great. Quite dashing next to the bride. The fruits & veg a great & i love the fabric you've used for his overalls. So give him a chance. Hugs, Jeanette

  4. Oh I think the bride is very pleased! The blocks work perfectly together. He is an excellent gardener. Does he cook?

  5. Great looking groom Teresa. I am sure the bride would be please to have him. Good job Teresa - Hugs Natima

  6. I think the groom suits the bride well! They make a handsome couple! Like the previous comments, just leave the block as is, then go back and look at it when more blocks are completed to see if it needs adjusting. Sometimes you might need the negative space to let the "eyes rest". (You know what I mean?)
    Keep going onto the next block! Nice work!

  7. He's a lovely Groom, Teresa! He's a big, strong man to do all the work and after all, the Bride is quite diminutive, LOL! My girl is having a makeover, maybe we are just a little bit too fussy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  8. it sounds like the bride on her wedding night with the jitters!! your groom is perfect with just the right to bring to his bride to show he is capable of taking care of her.
    Me thinks' you need a bridesmaid to calm those night before the weeding jitters..LOL
    I am amazed on the ability you ladies have to create blocks to an already wonderful quilt...such great talent.
    I can't start mine until January. I am on another group and they made us list a project for 2010 so I will fret and watch what you do till then..{8-)

  9. Theresa, you did a great job on the groom! He is a good provider for his bride. You really added some great touches, from his overalls to the corn! The personal connection to your grandfather is really neat. I agree with the others' advice to work on other blocks and eventually you'll know whether it needs to be changed. (Did you see that Lurline's bride went back for a new hairdo?)

    (Sorry for the delayed comment. I am miles behind on blogs and Google Reader has been acting up.)


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