Saturday, November 7, 2009

My First Post

Hey ~ I hope I am doing this right ~ I have loved looking at everone's inspiration and I finished my first block! I used the back basting method cuz I wanted to try it. It takes some getting used to ~ but I am going to use it on my next block to see if I really like it. It is a nice method when there is such a variety of shapes and you don't have to make all those templates..... have a wonderful day
Teresa / IL


  1. Wow! How cool -- I'd never heard of the back basting method before! Maybe if I use this method I'll actually start applique again! lol! Thanks for mentioning it. Your first block looks wonderful!

  2. Teresa,

    What a gorgeous block. Back basting method, I am going to have to look that one up! Your block turned out gorgeous. I just loved the colors. You did a great job. Which one next?


  3. I've never heard of back basting either...and am in the middle of an applique project so will look into it. Your block is amazing! Very beautiful!

  4. wow,i`m in the middle of an apllique project so i like look into all aplique projec i found and yours is awesome,beautiful!

  5. You are getting off to a good start but I have not heard of back basting before????

  6. Hi Teresa/IL,

    Welcome aboard! Very nice first block (are you going to do them in order, or sort of skip around like the rest of us?!?).

    I had never heard of back basting before...I'll look into it...thanks for the links!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. congrats!
    I adore this blog and love to see what you come up with. I do know you will have fun

  8. sounds interesting, will check out the links and welcome your block looks great

  9. Excellent block Teresa! Back basting sounds very interesting. One day I will give it a go. I just love the fabric you used for the vase.

  10. Well come Teresa (2), yes we have Teresa (1) as well LOL! Your first block looks great and the back basting method sounds like a great way to appliqué - Hugs Natima

  11. Teresa - I am slowly working on this block! Yours is beautiful. And yes, I am also using the back-basting method. I have liked it so far. I was advised to let your back basting "marinate" overnight before attempting to applique the shapes.

  12. theresa what a wonderful first block and to try with a new method on such a big project is very daring!!8-O
    I have Sentimental stitches quilt Sally post ready for back basting..I went a little more simple..8-)
    Great work and your fabric choices are wonderful looking forward to your next block!!

  13. Good job for your first try at back basting. I was amused and amazed that your little brown bird uses the same fabric as one of my little brown birds. I bought that fabric a while ago so you must have a stash too.

    I took a detour to work on a Christmas present for my son. You can check it out at:

  14. Teresa, your block looks great! I'm glad to see someone else with their first block. My first block should be done soon. I have tried back basting and am continuing to practice. It's a neat method!


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