Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soooo many pieces, so little time

Well here is my bride, I am glad that she is finished. She seemed to take forever, but I believe that it was just me. Life gets in the way, even though our fingers itch to stitch. I might have to put that saying on a quilt or sampler!

She was quite a bit of fun to stitch. I am happy with the fabric choices. Since there was no basket she of course had to have an apron. "What was she going to carry all that fruit in?" I have been looking at all of the blocks, don't get me wrong, plain is beautiful, honestly I tried really hard and could not help myself. Anyone who knows me can vouch that if I can get it to stand still then it can be embellished. Or as I like to say, "Everything is more stunning with a flourish!"

With that being said, her cheeks blush with the bloom of a new bride. Her dress is adorned with buttons(french knots). He lovely up-do is accented with a braided top knot(Lazy Daisy stitch) and finished with two ringlets on either side of her dainty face(Bullion stitches).And every flower was finished with yellow silk french knots.

Now, if every block was just grapes, fruit and leaves, I don't think I would have been so tempted to "Flourish"!

All kidding aside, I do hope that you all enjoy her. I cannot begin to tell you all how very much fun it is to share this stunning quilt with everyone, let alone the journey. Thanks ever so much.




  1. Oh Bobbie, embellishment indeed. I'm having difficulties finishing a block at the moment, if I was to start with embellishing I'm sure I'd be doing the same block this time NEXT year!!! She is lovely and isn't it lovely that each and everyone of our brides so far are not only different in colour but in form too??? The talent contained in this blog blows me away some days!! Well done Bobbie.

  2. I love her personality! Great job on the embellishments. They really had that "sparkle"!

  3. bobby awesome details!! each bride is different in real life too so it only makes sense to make her your personal girl.
    it helps with all these wonderful ideas swimming in my head..oh to step out of the box and make it your own in small ways.. can I do it?? you ladies are very good at making the step tempting!!

  4. Bobby, she is beautiful and I'm sure she would be pleased with some embellishments. Love the color you've used - Hugs Natima

  5. Hi Bobby,

    O-o-o-o-o-h, she's such a beautiful blushing bride! I love her embellishment, and I think the flowers look gorgeous! I love her colors (I'm a real blue and green girl), and the light green on her skirts is lovely!

    It looks like November is going to be a real wedding blitz on this sight...I'm loving it!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Oh, Bobby - I'm sure I commented yesterday! Never mind - your Bride is just gorgeous and I love your embroidery to make her so fancy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Such a beautiful bride and flourish is good!

  8. Great little details! I love the little blush on her cheeks, the fancy hair, and the apron. She turned out beautiful!

  9. Oh, she is such a beautiful bride. I just love her. Would you mind telling us, how you made the blush on the face of your bride? I am thinking my bride would like to know. Janet D.


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