Monday, November 30, 2009

A Treat for everyone...........

Hi everyone, I have a little treat for you all today. Yesterday I took myself off to Threadbear to have a look at the new pattern being launched by Di Ford, you'll have to check out my personal blog later in the week to see how strong (not) I was! I met quite a few wonderful people/bloggers including Deb from 'Needles, Sticks & Hooks (again, it was wonderful to briefly meet you Deb) and a couple of 'potential' new members!! The Civil War Bride Quilt was hanging on the wall, along with many, many other wonderful quilts! Be still my beating heart!!!!
I just love that shop.
First off, I'm sorry that I couldn't get a full picture of the quilt, there were sooo many people there and I didn't think anyone would appreciate being asked to just move away so that I could fuss over how my photo would look ;0) !!
However, I did think that you would all appreciate some close ups more anyway? Now lets just hope that you can click and enlarge, sometimes it works for me, sometimes not!! I'm sorry now that I didn't get more, but I will be back there on Thursday so I'll see what I can do. Fabulous aren't they? It was also nice to get the chance to see how Corliss quilted it, I will have another look at the borders on Thursday too! Now onto the matter of who to allow to join the blog! I sent an email out to everyone last week, I had a couple bounce back saying wrong address! Most of you would have received it though and a few of you replied. To recap for those that didn't get the email: I had an email from someone a couple of weeks ago asking if she could join the blog/group. This lady is making a version of 'The Bird of Paradise Quilt', she has drafted her own patterns and has nearly finished, she is actually quilting now! My question was, do we allow anyone that is making any version of this quilt to join, or do we adhere to the policy of only those making the quilt from Corliss' pattern? Which is what is stated in the blurb on the sidebar! We have all stuck to the 'rule' of discussing only the CWBQ on this blog, most of us have our own blogs to talk and post about other things. I know that each and everyone of us has put something of ourselves into our blocks, some of us have changed things around and added little details that make it personal to ourselves, but we are all still using the original Threadbear pattern. My personal opinion was that we should stick to that doctrine and it seems that the majority that replied felt the same. I received 17 replies and 16 said keep it for those of us following the Threadbear pattern. So that's what we are doing! If you have bought the pattern and will be using that pattern to create your quilt, albiet with changes, then you may join us. What I have decided to do though is to create links on the side bar to any websites/blogs/quilters that are currently, or have finished a version of the original Bird of Paradise quilt top!! We all, as quilters, are naturally interested in how other quilters have interpreted the original top and in seeing how others quilts look finished. I will email this lady today and tell her no and why we came to that decision. Ok, confession time.............. I haven't finished my bird and grape block yet!!!!!! I know, I know, It's been hanging around for over a month now with just one leaf left to stitch! The trouble with Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere (apart from a lack of snow!) is that it's also end of school year, school concerts, graduations (granddaughter going to high school next year), dance concerts, hot weather (hmmm maybe) gardens growing, weeds growing and on and on.......... that's my excuse anyway, lol! I will finish this block but I can't see that I will be starting another until after New Year, my feeling is that I won't feel guilty if I don't start the next one!!! I will keep posting though and watching what everyone is doing and I check all your personal blogs too all the time. Have a great week everyone, talk to you soon................


  1. Hi Lizzie
    Thanks for all the wonderful photos :-) I know just what you mean about time running away. Not Fair. End of School years is always very hectic. Thankgoodness Next year is my last year 12. I have been preparing a little ahead and the fabric bits are in baggies. Feels like I am still doing something even if I do not get to put a stitch in. Have nearly finished getting b8 ready this way. Still nothing to show though :-(
    Have a great week

  2. Lizzie, thanks for taking us along with you to Threadbear. I love seeing close ups of Corliss's quilt! ............ Good idea with the sidebar links to deal with the member question. ......No worries about slowing down on your blocks right now, you're not alone!

  3. Lovely to hear from you, Lizzie and I must say you have addressed a couple of points nicely! How lucky are you to have seen the quilt again. I will be busy on other projects for a while, too.
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. thank you for all the wonderful photos, This is something i am really drawn too and would LOVE to do one day.

  5. That quilt is absolutely AMAZING!!!

  6. Ooooh, thanks for the great pictures!!!!! :D I wish I could have been there, but it's way too far away for me.

  7. Dear Lizzie,

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Corliss's nice that you live close enough to see it in person!! Do you see Corliss when at Threadbear?? What does she think of all the buzz and excitement her pattern and your blog are causing in the quilting blogosphere?? (Maybe she should be paying you a "finder's fee" for everyone who reads your blog, then orders the pattern!! LOL)

    Thank you for you wise and careful guidance of this wonderful blog, and the time and dedication you put into it!!

    Living in the states and having a seventh grade daughter, I'm still trying to wrap my head around warm-weather Christmas and School ending at this time of year (Riley's school goes from the first of September to the second week of June). The end of school activities must truly confuse the Christmas holidays!

    I know my CWBQ stitching will be slowing down, as well, after I post the ostriches (hopefully tomorrow!). Christmas projects are yelling at me (can you hear them??).

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. Great photos Lizzie! I could make a day out of taking in every inch of that beautiful quilt. Tell us more about how it was quilted. Was everything outlined?

  9. Oh Lizzie,

    Thank you ever so much for the wonderful pics, now I am rethinking the whole miniature idea. The quilt is so beautiful.


  10. Thanks Lizzie for the great photos of the original quilt. I did see it at the Quilt and Craft fair, but didn't take a very good look at it. I bought the patter and left. I will try to get there myself one of these weekends. I like the idea of having a links to those who make the quilts from other patterns - Take your time on the grape block. You might noticed I posted unfinished table block at the weekend because the blog was going quiet lately - Have a great week - Hugs Natima

  11. great photos thanks, and will you share the other quilts of Di's hanging there as well???
    OH your so lucky you got to meet Deb I love her blog and all the quilts she is making too!


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