Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twins have arrived! .....

This block was the easiest.....I redrew the peacocks to accomodate the feather fabric that I wanted to use. (Actually, looking back, I appliqued a peacock for a Baltimore Album quilt that is still a UFO.....I posted it as a profile photo on this blog.) I'm thinking of doing the feathers for the Bird of Paradise block in similar fashion as the peacocks.
OK...don't get the idea that I'm fast on the trail of getting these blocks done since I've posted in quick sucession. I was just on a roll ......however, now I've got to get back onto my other projects that I was working on before the Civil War Bride quilt! My UFO list is getting longer!
Sorry about the poor photo of this block. It's abit washed out, colors are a little deeper than shown.
Thanks for your kind compliments and encourgements from the previous post!
I appreciate it!
Happy Holidays!


  1. Mona I just love your peacocks and that Liberty is so Perfect. Would you mind if I used your influence as I have some of those fabrics in my collection Just had not thought of using them in this block and they are so perfect.Love the butterfly too :-) I have just finished block 2 and getting B5 ready so it will be a while before I get to the peacock. :-)

  2. just one word : woaw !

  3. I think the tail feather fabric is just perfect for your block!

  4. I just love all your blocks. Just beautiful! I wish I knew what that fabric is you are using on the butterfly. All of your fabrics are just perfect. Janet D.

  5. Very nice! I love the feather fabric.

  6. Mona, you did a splendid job, just love those fabrics!


  7. Monda, it's lovely! I love how you've made the fabrics do part of the work... the wings, head feathers, the butterfly. The blue fabric on the left peacock is wonderful, it seems to glow.

  8. Oh yes, I love the fabric you used. Is it Liberty?

    Keep it up.. space out a quick one with a more intense block... LOL!!


Thanks to everyone that is following our journey with the Civil War Bride Quilt. We love to read your comments and appreciate your encouragement...............