Monday, December 21, 2009


Dear friends, I Have looked in my stash and found a most wonderful background Portobello Market, creamy beige #3944 by 3 Sisters, bought about a year ago - well you guessed it short 1 yard and they have no more. If anyone has a hint please let me know, Love Princess Ei


  1. I think you'll have a lovely time stitching this beautiful quilt with a group of friends. AS for the background, I used 3 different fabrics for the blocks and a different fabric for the borders. They are all similar in tone and have different prints on them but it's hard to tell the difference unless you look closely. If you can find a fabric in a similar tone then I'd buy that for the borders and use what you have for the blocks.
    I hope you enjoy the process and have a pieceful Christmas season HUgs Jan Mac Aussie

  2. take a look here, I think I've seen that fabric

    hope I could help you

  3. Yes, The Quilted Banty has Portobello #3944 in 3 different colors, and it's well under $8.00 per yard. Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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