Monday, December 7, 2009

block number 17

another block finished in germany,i changed these" big pink pig-birds" into some bluebirds,have a nice time all of you,susi


  1. Lovely Susi, very pretty colours. You'll be finished your blocks soon at the rate you are stitching them! Well done.

  2. Wow Susi, beautiful colours, and block no. 17 - you are almost done, I'm still on my first block.

  3. Excellent Susi!!

    I love the ideas of using bluebirds! ("bluebirds of happiness") The colors look fresh like spring or summer...the birdies are probably looking for a place to build a nest!

    I'm not crazy about the "pig birds" either...LOL!

    As you are approaching the finish line with the center 20 blocks, I'm getting excited along with you!! You are so inspiring me...I have my ninth and tenth blocks "glued," waiting to be stitched when my music job lets up at after Christmas. Maybe, just maybe I can fit some stitching time in before Santa comes!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. Susi,

    I just love the blocks, and the bluebirds are just right. Pink birds were not what I had in mind either. I can't believe that you are almost done, I am still on block #3. Well a little at a time. Work keeps getting in the way. Congrats, wonderful job!


  5. What a pretty block, Susi! Your birds turned out great. When I looked at the pink birds, I realized that you also snuck some flowers into this block. It also looks like you used a stripe for the stems, which gives them dimension. Wonderful!

  6. The bird looks great Susi. I don't like the pink bird much. I'm far off from that block yet so, I'm not thinking about it too hard. Good job Susi and enjoy - Hugs Natima

  7. Susi I just love the colors of this block. Makes it look like nature.

  8. Susi..I can hear the blue birds singing merrily!! loving the quilt you perched them on!!


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