Sunday, December 20, 2009

Having Fun and Finished Block #8

I'm really enjoying the applique process and have managed to finish my third block. The photos aren't great and I'll try to get better ones to post soon. I think I'll start one of the blocks with lots of leaves now so I don't have all of them to do towards the end of the blocks. The cherries and grapes for this block were needle-turned instead of making a template and gathering them like I have before. This sped up the process a lot as I used to gather them and then press, starch and press before stitching them down. This time I just drew around the shape and needle-turned a small edge under. I'm not an expert but one tip I've learned is if the circles don't seem to be round enough, just stitch around them again and you can draw those little points in more. Our youngest DD has arrived home for the Christmas holidays so we'll be watching Christmas movies and doing some more stitching. Hugs, Jan Mac Aussie


  1. very well done ,jan,and merry chrismas to you all,happy stitching,susi

  2. I think your blocks look great! I love the fabrics you used for the pears: great those shades on them. They just look real!
    Have a loving Christmas and enjoy your family and friends (and of course: your stitching!)
    Greets from the Netherlands.

  3. Another beautiful block! Merry Christmas!!

  4. Jan your block is beautiful. I hope to be able to make this quilt one day.Happy holidays

  5. You are doing a wonderful job on your blocks....

    enjoy your son!!

  6. Beautiful, Jan! I love the way you used the fabric for the pears.

  7. Wow! Three blocks really are on fire! And your blocks are looking so nice with your fabric choices and technique!! Keep 'em coming!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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