Saturday, January 30, 2010

My second block

Now my second block is done. I'm a bit shy posting this block after the beautiful blocks all of you have posted.
I'm not so confident in my choice of colours and I'm still thinking what colour should be dominated. As I have only done two blocks and they are rather green, and with all the leaves in the quilt the green will be the colour - and of course many many other colours. 

Have a nice weekend.


  1. hi paula,very well done,and you are right,the main colour is diffrent greens,i once called this quilt "the thousand leaves quilt",happy stitching,susi

  2. Hi Paula I like all the green leaves in this block. It gives that serendipity about the block - Hugs Nat

  3. Your block is just wonderful. Each person has their own style when it comes to fabric choices. No right or wrong.

  4. I like your color choices. As a matter of fact, my eye was drawn to the serene colors in my blog menu. I love blue and green. Think yours goes well together.

  5. Hi Paula, I really like your block and am glad you posted, I also am a little shy about sharing but I am learning so much from this blog. I am still anxiously waiting to get started... pattern is on the way.
    Happy Sewing...Cheri

  6. Getting started is the hard part; with the support of this blog, it'll keep you going! Your color choices are fine, just keep at it and it'll come together! Great work!

  7. Paula.. no need to be shy your block is beautiful! Your doing a fantastic job. Mona is right getting started is the hard part. I am having troubles on even what block to start with so you are in a fine place right now..LOL

  8. Paula it's lovely, the colours are very similar to mine on the same block. I had white flowers and the green does dominate, but as you get through the blocks the colours change. Each block is so different.

  9. Hi Paula,

    Please don't be is all the variety and diversity in this blog that makes it so darn interesting and fun! I love the look of your block! I, too, was drawn to it in the blog thumbprint pictures in my sidebar. Your colors are great and your stitching is fantastic! There are so many leaves in this quilt that green becomes the glue that holds all the blocks together. (I keep a compulsive little tally of all the leaves I have done with each block...I was posting this annoying fact each time for a while, but now I'll just mention it one more time when I post the last thing and give the final leaf count! LOL)

    And even though I've been complaining about the number of leaves...I've added a few to a couple of the blocks (I must be nuts!). LOL

    Keep on keeping is going to be beautiful!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  10. Hi Paula
    I think your brave. All thoes leaves and flowers.

    I'm leaning toward the birds. Less leaves. Maybe I won't do and blocks without birds.

    Perhaps I need to fly. Do a Peter Pan thing with this quilt.Time will tell.

    Happy Stitching

  11. Your block is excellent Paula! I love the blue/green fabric. Very serene.

  12. Paula,

    Your block is beautiful and finished! That counts for quite a bit, considering that there are so many. I have rework my design and thought I was going to settle on just nine. but, the more beautiful blocks that are finished the others keep calling me. Thanks for the unintentional inspiration to keep going, to finish them all!



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