Monday, January 11, 2010

The time has come

After much prevarication, I have found time to blog. As my friend Deb notes, there is a simple equation which goes something like, more time spent on the computer equals less time for sewing. However, I have spent much time admiring the work of many of your followers so have chosen to ignore the equation and throw my hand into the blogging ring. I reckon it can be well justified in the name of inspiration. As you can see from my pictures ( still mastering this art) I have started the "bride" and in spite of my self imposed rule to complete them in pattern order, I couldn't help myself and had to do the ostriches before their turn. I don't know why they " spoke to me" but they did so I went with them. I reckon my needle turn applique is improving with all those leaf corners - how many is it now? I know someone is keeping score! I am really enjoying using Corliss's fabric pack but true to form am raiding the stash for suitable additions. Another dear friend Barb, from my quilting group, noted that many fabrics come from one home and go into the homes of our friends as we share them, thereby linking us together. As I choose fabrics for the Bride I am reminded of the friendships the fabrics are attached to. What a lovely warm feeling it is. I have enclosed a picture of my small beginnings and look forward to more............. Happy sewing Merri


  1. hello merri,well done,the blocks look so wonderful together,and your ostriches feet are fantastic,i changed them for easier applique,but yours are looking much better,have a nice time,susi

  2. Well done Merri, great job on those blocks. You've got to love a 'quiet' achiever :o) first post and you show us SIX blocks. I'd better get stitching I think. LOL!

  3. Merri,

    How gorgeous, your should be proud. The blocks all llok great together. I am still on my third, I guess I had better get with it!


  4. i think you meant PROCRASTINATION, not PREVARICATION.
    quilty hugs,

  5. they look wonderful, i WILL do this quilt one day, it really talks to me.

  6. They look fabulous Merri - I expect another 6 by Saturday (just joking, 5 will be ample).

  7. Hi Merri, welcome to CWQ blog. Your blocks look wonderful. Love your ostriches with pink flowers. I have to pick mine UFO (table block) up again very soon - Enjoy stitching - Hugs Nat

  8. Hi Merri,

    Welcome to the CWBQ party...I would say you came with quite a nice "party tray!" They look nice all together. It is hard to do them in order...every time someone posts a block, I want to do that one next!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  9. first post and you show us SIX blocks. I'd better get stitching I think.

    Work from home India

  10. Merri so glad to see you blogging or we would miss out on those gorgeous blocks!! thanks for sharing andn know what it is like to want to sew and read at the same time!!


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