Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back on Track......

I think I might be getting back on track with my blocks after taking so long to finish the grape block...
....I decided to do the ostrich block next (block #18) and to take a leaf out of Teresa's book and make them both feminine. I like the overall pink in the block, it's a bit lighter I think?? I'm not very happy with the feet, but they're done now and no way am I doing them again. If they really start to bug me I figured that I would just add a couple of grass tufts to hide them..
The photo's are a bit on the red side because I didn't want to take them outside to photograph. It's too hot and the sun is too harsh, it would just bleach the colours out today.
So I have one more block to do and I'm half way there with the central blocks!! I'm not sure which one I'm going to do next, another flowers and leaves I think. I'm finding that I'm really enjoying the leaves now, much more so than when I first started!!
They look good all together don't they? I've noticed that when anyone posts a picture of blocks together, I get that 'Oh my gosh, I remember why I wanted to make this quilt so much'!!
I also want to say welcome to all our new members, we've had a few since Christmas! I love the injection of new enthusiasm along with the excitement of just starting their journey with the 'bride'. There are still a lot of ladies that are members of the blog and haven't started their quilts yet, so I'm hoping we have still more new blocks coming along.
Just on another many of you are planning on going to the Australian Quilt Convention? I realise that this would be local (as in Australia) ladies, but I thought we might be able to arrange to meet for lunch? In the park (next door to the Exhibition building) or at the show. Now I don't go out to work so I can fit in around others timetables, if you are interested in getting together (photo op with completed blocks??) let me know dates that will suit you and I'll compile it all together and see what we can do!! Personally, I think it would be a great opportunity for a get together and show and tell? Details and link below for the AQC website.
A quick bit about comments on the blog. In the last few weeks we have had a few spam (and two virus) comments and as they are sent to my inbox I have decided to enable 'word verification', I know that some people find it a nuisance to have to type in a word before they can leave a comment, but I made an executive decision and it's done!!


  1. Oa La La such lovely girls. The grape block is my next one. I can't get much slower so we'll see how it goes.
    Your blocks altogether look scrummy.
    Happy Stitching Terry

  2. dear lizzie,your ostriches look great,i would love to meet with all o you for lunch,but this might be a little too far away,anyway,happy stitching,susi

  3. Your ostriches jumped at me on my blog list. They are gorgeous. I think it might have to be my next block. I am so busy with life after the break that I can't seemed to pick it up again. I'm interested to meet up, but because I'm working I would like a Saturday 1st May please? - Hugs Nat

  4. I love your ostriches....they are wonderful!!!

  5. Don't your girls look like a sassy pair! What fun!
    I would like to make a trip to Australia one day!

  6. You're so right -- seeing all the blocks together just makes me drool! Your blocks are all beautiful!!!

  7. Your block is so beautiful. I may have to look that CD up. I'm just starting to hand applique after years away from it (Civil War Bride is on my list when I get good enough), and I coul use all the help I can get.

  8. Oh Lizzie, your 2-footed pair look tres French and very sheik!! (I can't look at ostriches without thinking of the Disney animated "Beauty and the Beast," the "French" featherduster maid - LOL, I know, I'm completely whacked!!) I love the colors! And your stitchin' looks bitchin'!! (I love their feet - no need for camouflage!!)

    I'm learning to live with the leaves...your's look great - I'm going to have to check out that DVD. You are so close to halfway...I found it easier after that (like going downhill?!?).

    Thank you again for being our wonderful facilitator, hostess and custodian. I, too, am looking forward to newbie blocks!! Bring 'em on, kids!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  9. I love the ostriches! Have great fun at the show!!

  10. Oh Lizzie, they are great. You are right, it is putting all the blocks out side by side that you can really envision how special this quilt is.

    Happy Sewing,


  11. Wow Lizzie your ostriches look so pretty, I love the pink and green together. You are right it makes a huge different to see the blocks together, to see the quilt grow.
    Take care

  12. I plan to go on the seeing your blocks. Maybe I will be able to stitch my blocks again before then. *sniff* (too busy!!)


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