Saturday, February 13, 2010

False Start - or ostrich toes are not a good place to begin

Hi all,
I am new and have been a lurker on your blog for weeks and finally took the plunge and ordered the patterns. It was like Christmas when my package from Australia arrived. I jumped right in with one of my favorite blocks, the ostriches. Well....this poor little block has some needleturn, some machine applique, some glue basted pieces, some starch basted pieces. Nothing was quite turning out like I liked so on the leaves I tried back basting. Viola! I am happy sewing again. I think back basting is the way I will go, but in the meantime these little ostriches are headed for the orphan block drawer.
I am on to a different block, I am not giving up...
Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi Cheri, welcome to CWQB. Nice to have a new
    member. Your first block the ostriches is gorgeous.
    I think a little pink goes well in this block. Enjoy and
    Happy Valentines weekend - Hugs Nat

  2. No Cheri, don't write the poor old ostrich off yet, honestly they look fine. I think all of us that have done that block have had a problem with the feet!! Welcome anyway and happy stitching for the rest of the quilt.

  3. I think your ostriches look fine - I especially like your fabric choices. Those feet do look difficult.

  4. Hi Cheri my first block was the ostrich block and I too had feet hang ups. Recently my podiatrist said no one looks at your feet only you. Well I decided no one looks at ostrich feet either. After all if your legs are that thin and your body that big something has to hold you up.
    Welcome aboard and happy stitching

  5. Oh! Don't give up on the ostriches! I think they look great...please don't send them to the orphan block drawer! The colors are wonderful and I zoomed in on the pic and your stitching looks great...I can't even tell where you changed techniques. Pin it up on your design wall, and I'm sure you will feel better about it later!

    Welcome aboard Cheri!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. hi cheri,wonderful ostriches you made,welcome,susi

  7. You should keep your block! I looked at it closely, too, and it is lovely. You are looking at it all by itself - it will be in with all the other blocks and will stand up to all of them. Believe me, after 35 years of all kinds of quilting, you find out that no one sees what we think of as our mistakes and only see the overall beauty of the piece. Great job! Carol

  8. One big bird we have never seen down the stream...
    Congratulations for taking on such a lovely quilt..looks good to me. even from this distance x x x

  9. Get that out of the orphan block drawer! It looks wonderful!

  10. Welcome and glad you took the plunge to tackle this major feat starting this quilt! I think all who finish will have a beautiful quilt to marvel over! Keep at far, you're doing a great job!

  11. I love your block. It looks great.
    Can you explain back basting?


  12. Thank you all for the encouraging words. Sharon, look back at the 2009 posts to Nov. 7, Teresa has some good websites listed with instructions videos for back basting. I am really enjoying it so far.

  13. Cheri,

    Hang in there, all of the blocks just look so wonderful together. The Ostriches are so lovely. Save the block until you have them all together, you won't even notice the feet.

    Blissfully Stitching,


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