Friday, February 26, 2010

Last one!!

Wow...the 20 blocks are done!  This one may seem a little weird, but I'll explain.

I think of my daughter as the bride, so I wanted some block to represent her family.  I drew out the three of us with a quilt on a quilting frame in front of us.  It seemed too modern for the quilt.  Ola thought of the old portrait idea.  I thought I could put an old treadle sewing maching in the foreground, maybe with a folded quilt on it.  Then Ola had the idea of me coming out of the portrait, sewing on a quilt top.  She repositioned Steve's arms to surround both of us girls.  Ta-da!! 

So, it is a little unusual, but really captures us for the most part (I did a little "quilting liposuction" on myself...hee-hee...artistic license!!).
I portrayed Riley as about 6 years old, her head stuck in a book, which is her usual pose.

I was watching the women's figure skating tonight while trying to was THAT ever fantastic!  I was constantly digging through my sewing clutter for the tissue box!

Now on to putting the entire center together!!!

In stitches,


  1. teresa,i am so impressed about your last block,it is just wonderful,and the singer treadlemachine,such a good idea,congratulations,susi

  2. Well you've certainly made this YOUR quilt Teresa! Amazing. So now two of you have finished the blocks, I'm hoping that as you all go into the warmer months and we go into our colder weather, I can settle down to my blocks again??
    Looking forward to seeing the centre all together.

  3. Wow, congrats on your finish of all 20 blocks! It's really your own quilt since you did so many blocks that represented your family. Excellent blocks!

  4. It's your quilt and you get to do what you want. I think your block is such a good idea to represent your family.

  5. Love the blocks! Just so delicious.
    I have nominated this blog for an award. The Sunshine Award. This is for blogs that inspire creativity, and this blog does that for me. I WILL get the pattern for this quilt one day, it is on my wish list! I have yet to make a quilt but this is on the top of my list for when i do. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful works on this page.

  6. This quilt is going to be unbelievably special when it is completed!

  7. The Bird of Paradise quilt has been one of my museum favorites since I began quilting because of it's story. You have followed in that tradition with the wonderful stories each of your blocks represent. Well done. Your applique work is beautiful.

    Happy Sewing


  8. Teresa,Your whole quilt is beautiful, but that last block is wonderful.....I feel like I was in the presents of greatness. You and Ola should share your greatness with others.

    Thank you for putting my ladies up. Ola is right they are bowlegged. OH WELL

    Hope to see you tuesday. Beth K


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