Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let them eat cake! (wedding cake, that is...)

Number 18 is finished!  Thanks to my best friend Ola's suggestion, the happy couple has a wedding cake.  I was struggling with which of my finished blocks to put between the bride and her intended, and Ola urged me to draw a wedding cake...she's brilliant!  I like the original idea of the table...we had a table as an "alter" for our wedding.  It held two huge urns of multi-color gladiolas and our wedding document, which everyone signed with us at the end of the service. 

I made a few changes (table legs, pedestal, plumped up the sides of tablecloth) and now I feel good about the wedding.   I was inspired by green depression glass when I was contemplating the flower urns.  Not too fancy for this humble farming couple.  (the fancy cake was a wedding gift from her well-to-do married sister who lives in the big city)

Ola says that the cake is the best part of the wedding ceremony.  LOL

Here's the happy couple before they cut the cake.
Two more to go before I have to decide to sash or not sash.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. just beautiful, both the suggestion and your working of it! just stunning.

  2. Amazing - and only two more to go!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. hi ,teresa,what a nice idea,the cake is fantastic,the whole block fits perfect to a wedding,hugs,susi

  4. I love the picture of the 3 blocks together. I think that sashing between these blocks would detract from the overall picture of the bride, groom and wedding cake. They are truly neat and obviously are having a great wedding.

  5. Another great block Teresa! If you are not already, you should be designing quilts, you get great ideas and translate them into nice patterns.
    Love your bright colors also.

    Happy Sewing

  6. Nearly finished Teresa, how exciting...!!!

  7. Bravo for making this quilt entirely your own!

    You're definitely in the home stretch now. Great job!

  8. Wow, Teresa,

    The block is so beautiful. What a wonderful idea! My bride and groom are going to have a home to live in. We are also creative here. How much fun to see what everyone comes up with.


  9. What a FUN block!!! Your work is wonderful.

  10. Very nice! I love the flower urns.

  11. I swear, you are SO creative! Wonderful block!

  12. Wow, how did you do the trim on the tablecloth? What a beautiful block.

  13. 你可以從外表的美來評論一朵花或一隻蝴蝶,但你不能這樣來評論一個人........................................


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